Find Out Where To Go In the ZOMBIE OUTBREAK!

Coastal range Reigon

Rating: 7/10

Discription:Located along the Pacific Coast,streching from California to Canada.

How to survive in the coastal range reigon

Can you survive the zombie outbreak in the coastal range region? The Coastal range reigon is a pretty good place to be in during the zombie outbreak because of its forests. Did you know that the forests were the native Americans Walmart? The forest will provide you with everything that you need.

How to survive the zombie outbreak in The Great plains reigon



Located: Located West of the Interior lowlands and east of The rocky mountains.

Description: Flat land known for dry grasslands and is a common area for Tornados

How to survive the zombie outbreak in the Great Plains region

Can you survive the zombie outbreak in the Great plains region? the great plains region is a somewhat bad place to go because Buffalo move around so if you want to survive in this region you will need to be nomadic. A good thing about this region is that it is very flat so you can see the zombies coming.

How to survive in the Canadian shield


Location: Surrounds the Hudson bay and the Great lakes.

Description: Hills worn by erosion Hundreds of lakes carved by glaciers Some of the oldest rock formations in North America.

Surviving in the Canadian Shield

The Canadian shield is the best place to survive in because of how many lakes there are.

Also there are Forests like i said earlier It was a Walmart to the Indians.