Module 6 lesson 1

Mastery assignment : how federal court works

US Marshall

-the country's oldest federal law enforcement agency and erves as the enforcement arm of the federal court system


-a case establishing a rule that a court or other judicial body adopts when deciding later cases with similar issues

Life Terms

-any sentence of imprisonment for a serious crime where the convicted person is to be in jail for the rest of their life

Magistrate Judge

-exercises jurisdiction over matters assigned by state as well as those delegated by the district judges

-serves 8 year terms

US Attorney

-holds the power of attorney in representing a government in all legal matters

District Courts

-a local court

Original Jurisdiction

-the authority of a court to hold a trial

Court of Appeals

-appeals are taken in a federal circuit or a state

Appellate Jurisdiction

-superior court has to bear appeals of causes which have been tried in inferior courts


-court systems in several common law jurisdictions


-sending a court case back to a lower court for action on it


-an explanation by a judge that goes with an order or ruling in a case

Theres your lesson for today