Know what to look for when you get spam!


Phishing is when you may get "spam" mail with criminals embedded in them. Not exactly, but if you get a "spam" email with links, always hover over the link before opening it. If you don't, there may be a 'phisher' behind it.

Phishing mail looks VERY realistic. It could be a fake link that will ask for your passwords and social security number. DO NOT USE THESE LINKS! To find out if the link is fake, hover over it to see if it says things besides what you are looking for. If it is, then don't use or enter any information. If you may suspect phishing in one of your emails, then ask yourself a few questions: Does this email have any spelling errors? Does this email demand information or try to scare me? Those are both two more signs of phishing.

By answering all of these questions, you should know what is an email from a 'phish' and what may just be an email from a normal company.