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For the past two months we have been reading adventure/survival stories as a part of our Genre Study! We have become experts on our books and now we are ready to share them with you. Read all about the interesting stories we've discovered and see if one looks interesting to you!

The Not So Jolly Roger By Jon Scieszka

Joe, Sam, and Fred got traveled to the 18th Century.They were on a sandy beach.When they saw a crew of Blackbeard's pirates and they were going for Joe, Sam, and Fred and they hided in trees.And they get caught and brought to Blackbeard's ship.Will they escape are will they walk the plank read the book to find out.

My opinion of this book is a 7 because I like drama and mystery but if you love drama and mystery this is your book to read.

-Troy Sullivan

The Throne of Fire By:Rick Riordan

The Throne of Fire is about how Sadie and Carter try to awake the Ra.By awakening the Ra they can save the world.They have traveled many places to save the Earth.Carter summoned the God Horus to save the Goddess/ Princess Zia to find out if the world gets destroyed read to find out!!!

I love it because you get to learn Egyptian words.On a scale to 1-10 I would rate this book as a 10.I would recommend this book to others that likes adventure/survival books.

-Miranda McCauley

I Survived the Battle of Gettysburg By: Lauren Tarshis

It was the battle of gettysburg, the biggest and bloodiest of the civil war. Mighty armies from the United States North and South fighting to the death. In the middle of it all stood an eleven year old boy named Thomas. Just three weeks ago Thomas had been a slave living in Virginia and now he was on a battlefield in Pennsylvania. Thomas had come to bring the men ammunition for their rifles.

my opinion of the book is it was mainly shocking but if you like adventure then you will like this book the battle of gettysburg.

-Nathan Kunsman

I survived the San Francisco earthquake 1906 By Lauren Tarshis

I survived the San Francisco earthquake is about a guy who name is Leo.He has a gold nugget and two guys named Fletch and Wilkie took the gold from Leo.The gold is really special because his grandpa gave it to him.It was hard for Leo because his Dad died because he was really sick. Morris is Leo’s friend and they live in the same house.Morris tried to help Leo get the gold back.Morris and Leo had to go through a very big earthquake in San Francisco while trying to get the gold back to!

I liked the book a lot because there is a lot of action.I would recommend it to others.On a scale 1-10 I would say a 9.I say a person that is a 9 or 10 year old boys would like this book.

-Evan Calderwood

I survived The Attacks of September 11,2001 By Lauren Tarshis

This book is about a boy named Lucas who took a train to New York city. One day and ends up witnessing the attacks on the world trade center by terrorists. Lucas’s Dad and uncle Benny would do what they always did try to save lives.Lucas could’t stay put he decided to go look for his Dad and uncle Benny to be with them.He ran through all the streets and finally found his Dad.A short while later the building collapsed around him he black out and woke up to his Dad calling his name.They were in a store with other people who took cover when they got there was nothing but dust every where they finally made it home but Lucas knew life would never be the same.He struggled to deal with the memories of that awful day and the many people who died.

I give this book a 10 if you are more of a person that likes sad and scarier books you should read this book.

-Ana Henkel

Land of stories the Wishing Spell By Chris Colfer

The book Land of Stories is about when Alex and a boy named Connor got a book for there birthday.The book they got is about Red Riding Hood and Rapunzel and much more! On their adventure they run into a troll. You will have to read this book to to find out what happens next!

My opinion on this book is that it is very funny especially conner. if you get this book comment!

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Thanks for reading!

Makenna Morris

I survived the battle of Gettysburg By Lauren Tarshis.

In 1863 Thomas and his sister Birdie were slaves in Virginia. Thomas was going to be taken away so Thomas and Birdie ran away.Following the north star they had to hide to escape slave hunters.They find a union soldier who helped them named,Corporal Henry green.The soldiers get called to battle,and Thomas fought with them.Birdie got taken by the confederate soldiers and chained up against poles.Thomas found and rescued birdie.They found them a safe spot in Pennsylvania and were free.

My opinion of the book I survived the battle of Gettysburg is it was a scary time to live and especially as a slave. It would make me sad to have my family sold and taken away.It also would scare me to have to fight in a war.

Giana Amato

Ivy and Bean Take Care of the Babysitter Author:Annie Brarrows

The book Ivy and Bean take care of the Babysitter is about. These two best friends whose names are Ivy and Bean. Bean went over Ivy’s house to play and when they got home there was a big pile of dirt in Ivy’s yard. Then asked Ivy’s babysitter if they could play with it. she said yes so the pretended that the dirt was a volcano. That was about to explode and instead of lava they put Ivy little brother in a hole they dinged out.Then they put the hose with Ivy’s little brother and they were just about to turn on the hose. Then Bean’s mom called her and Bean ran to her house.When she got there Nancy her older sister and her parent’s were on the couch and they told her that Nancy is going to be her babysitter.Her parent’s told her that she wasn’t going to be able to go outside then Ivy came into see what was going on and then her parent’s walked out the door and left.Then Nancy walked in the bathroom and started putting on makeup.Then Bean said if Nancy is having fun we should to.Then Bean thought about the attic she had always thought about what was up there but her parents said she wasn’t allowed up there.But right now she didn’t care so Ivy and Bean went up there and closed the attic door behind them and then they took a look around.But they realized that they couldn’t get out so they screamed Nancy’s name over and over again Nancy herd them and walked out the door with her mom’s makeup on. Nancy yelled Bean’s name Bean told her that they were in the attic.Then she freed the girls from the attic and then they made a deal Ivy and Bean wouldn’t tell that Nancy was putting on her mom’s makeup if Nancy didn’t tell that they went in the attic.

My opinion of the book was that the book was great and the life lessons that you should always listen to you to your parents.

The End

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Tori Nicholson

I survived the bombing of pearl harbor.By Lauren Tarshis.

My book is called I Survived the Bombing of Pearl Harbor. The book is by Lauren Tarshis. The main characters of the book are Danny,Finn,Danny’s mother,Aki, and Mack.The plot is that Japan is attacking Pearl harbor but will everyone survive? Danny’s mom is in the hospital to. They were first in Hawaii then Danny’s mom feels like there not safe so they moved to Pearl harbor that is when the real fun reading the book is. But it doesn’t end there! Danny also got chased by one of the planes. He found Mack! Danny is now on an adventure to find a safer place read the book to see who survives!

It was okay. For people who like survival books i recommend this book to you out of 1 out of 10 i say 6. I almost cried! it would also be sad for some people like me.Thank you all for reading my book blog my name is Kayla.

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Kayla Lomax

The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riodan

My book is about a boy named Percy who is going on a quest to save his friend Grover from the Sea of monsters. Percy is going on the for another reason to save the camp. He brings Annabeth and Tyson to help him get to the Sea of Monsters. But he is not the one to go on the quest his rival Clarisse form the Aris cabin. He has to get out of the camp but how.

My opinion the book is a ten because it was a good book. The kind of people that will like this book are people that like monsters and gods I would recommend this book to others.

Keegan Wofford

From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs.Basil E. Frankweiler By, E. L. Konigsburg

Claudia is bored of her life and decides to run away. Claudia then decides where to go ; To the Metropolitan Museum of Art, not so far away in New York City. Claudia wants to bring her little brother Jamie with her. The reason she why she picked Jamie is because he has a lot of money than Claudia. Claudia is pretty upset because she must skip 3 weeks worth of hot fudge Sundaes. Claudia & Jamie plan to walk to the museum so they will save their money. When the run away they get to sleep on royal beds and even get to take baths in a fountain. Later they learn about Angel, wetch is a special statute that they think Michel Angelo made.(Who is a famous artist.)Later on they meet Mrs.Basil E. Frankweiler. Then they figure out that she knows about Angel, & so she says she will tell them if they find the right file.

I like this book because it is very funny & full of surprises. My favorite part is when they take a bath in the fountain. I hope & think other people will enjoy this book! If you want adventure as much as Claudia the reed this book!!

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Kendra Przela

Land of stories A Grimm Warning By: Chris Colfer

The land of stories is a great book written by Chris Colfer. This story is definitely an adventure story. The story is about twins named Alex and Conner. Alex is a girl fairy and Conner is a boy who finds out that his sister may be in danger. When Conner finds out Alex is danger he takes his friend Bree through the portal into the fairy tale world. Once there in the fairy tale world they realize that the soldiers in the brothers Grimm story was true! You’ll have to read and find out!

A Grimm Warning is the 3rd book of the Land of stories. I would rate this book a 10 out of 10! If you like adventure and fairy tales as much as I do, you will love this book and the whole series!

Makenzie Kobetitsch

Stanley and the Magic Lamp By Jeff Brown and Scott Nash

This book is about Stanley finding a magic lamp on the beach earlier in the year.He rubs his hands on the lamp and a genie comes out.The genie grants wishes and helps Stanley’s family.Then on the family’s last wish they wish the genie back to his homeland.The genie was on lamp duty that’s why they wished him back.

My opinion of this book is on a scale from 1-10 I give this a 4 it wasn’t too good of a book.But who knows maybe you will like it.

Diego Stropko

Forest of Secrets By: Erin Hunter

Forest of Secrets is about ThunderClan and a cat within the clan. That cat is Fireheart. Fireheart used to live as a kittypet until he set his paws in the forest and was invited to join ThunderClan as an apprentice who’d soon become a Warrior. However the same day the ginger tom joined the clan Redtail (former ThunderClan deputy) was killed by Tigerclaw in hopes of becoming deputy. No one knew about Tigerclaw’s cold blooded murder except for Ravenpaw who ran away when Tigerclaw tried to kill him for knowing to much. Soon the newly named Warrior called Fireheart wanted to learn the truth about Redtail’s murder. While Fireheart searches for answers he discovers a secret about Bluestar’s lost kits and about Graystripe’s relationship with a RiverClan cat. What do I mean? Read the book to find out. . .

On a scale of 1 to 10 I would totally give this book a 10. If you love cats and adventure this is your kind of book. It’s also the 3rd book in a series so if you really enjoy this book you can read number 4: Rising Storm.

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Sidney Kramer

Survivors The Empty City By: Erin Hunter

Survivors The Empty City was about a dog named Lucky who is trying to survive in the wild.There were many dangers.Lucky likes to be a lone dog so he does not have to worry about other dogs.Then he meets a of other dogs who he helped survive.The city Lucky grew up in was destroyed. How?You’ll have to read to find out.

On a scale from one to ten I would definitely rate Survivors The Empty City a ten because you are always on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next.If you enjoy reading survival books you will love this book.

By: Jason Russ

I Survived the Joplin Tornado by Lauren Tarshis

This book is about a boy named Dex. One day Dex is riding his bike and runs into Dr.Gage a storm chaser that has his own TV show. Then there is a storm read to find out what happens next.

I really like this book, I give it a 10-10. I like this book because it is a wild adventure and it is one of those books when you always want to read more.

AJ Pecka

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe By: C.S. Lewis

The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis is an exciting adventure book. It’s about two brothers and sisters who get into a wardrobe and have an adventure in the land of Narnia. They meet many creatures. One is a talking faun named Tumnus. They also meet a lot of talking animals. The leader is a talking lion named Aslan. When they arrive in Narnia, it is being ruled by the evil White Queen. The White Queen wants to kill them because of a prophecy says that two sons of Adam and two daughters of Eve will end her reign. The children join Aslan to defeat the White Queen. Will they succeed? Read to find out!

On a scale of 1-10 i give this book a 9 because some parts are scary and sad. I would recommend this book to others. This book is good for someone who likes adventure and excitement. If you are ready to visit another world and meet new unique new creatures, then The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe is for you!

Jillian Fox

The Time Warp Trio: Knights of the Round Table By: Jon Scieszka

The Time Warp Trio: Knights of the Round Table By: Jon Scieszka

Fred, Sam, and Joe are trying to get back to a birthday party.They go on a walk in the forest.They get lost. Some knight come out of nowhere. They beat the knights some.more knights start to come on there side to help. Along their journey they meet many people. When they got to the party he open gifts.

I like this book because I like knights.I think this book would be a good book for people who likes books.I rate the book a ten because i like wizard and giants and knights that’s i like this books. You should read it.

Cody Rastall

Dragon Slayer Academy By: Karen McMullan

The main characters are Wiglaf, Dudwin, and Grock the troll.The setting is at Dragon slayer academy.The plot is Grock keeps on tricking Wiglaf and other people.One fact about Grock he likes to eat books.When Grock tricks somebody they get mad at him.

I would recommend this book for people who like Dragons.On a scale of 1-10 i would rate this a 8 in a half.This book is funny because when Grock tricks wiglaf it’s funny it’s also interesting because i thought bubbles the dragon wouldn’t be nice for a couple of seconds.

Griffin Lacher

Warriors: Thunder Rising By: Erin Hunter

This book Thunder Rising is a Adventure novel.There’s cats who are trying to live though the wild.There’s two groups there’s Clear Sky’s group and there’s Tall Shadow/Gray wings group.Clear sky’s group lives in the Forest and Tall shadow/Gray wings group live’s on the Moor.Whoever’s reading this please read this book.

my opinion is that this is a great book and 1 out of 10 I rate this book a 10.If you like Adventure read this.This is the second book in the series. You will love this book.

Leah Tyndall

Shannon the Ocean Fairy By: Daisey Meadows

Hi, my name is Olivia and i will be reviewing a book called Shannon the ocean Fairy.The book is about when Rachel and Kristy get teleported to a fairy dimension.Shannon the Ocean Fairy tells Rachel and Kristy that the three magic pearls have been stolen!Without the three pearls the fairy world and the human world could be ruined forever.Soon they find out that the goblins took the pearls!Will they find the pearls or will the world be ruined forever?I would give the book a nine/ten.I think it brings the perfect type of action you need in a good story.

I think the type of person that would like the story is someone who has a great Imagination and likes fairytailes.There are a lot more books in the rainbow magic series,So if you like reading this book you can continue reading.

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Olivia Delguyd

I Survived Hurrican Katrina By: Lauren Tarshish

This book is about a boy named barry. his family had tunned on the radio and heard that a storm was coming.get to the glass dome said the man on the radio.but then the man said that if the power goes off it will be really hot in there.so barrys family stays home and watches tv.but later that night the storm hit!and barry’s house filled with water. barry and his family went to the attic.barry’s dad thought they would be safe but he thought wrong.

I think this book was great. I think you should read it if you love survival books.because this book is the right book for you.

Katelyn Skaros

I Survived the Shark Attacks of 1916 By: Lauren Tarshish

This book is about Chet Roscow in Californa on a hot summer day in 1916. Chet works at a diner with his uncle and there has been a shark attack not to far from the diner. Chet’s friends pulled a prank on him and he was mad so he wanted to get them back. Chet pulled a prank and Chet’s friends said that the’ll never believe him again. Chet was so mad he went for a swim and suddenly there was a big scrape on his chest it was the shark. Chet went to tell everybody but no one would believe him. Chet went to tell his friends by the lake but it was to late the shark was coming right at his friends. To find out what happens you will have to read I Survived the Shark Attacks of 1916.

My opinion of the book is a 10. I loved this book because it’s a cool survival book and it’s a little scary. If you like survival, mysterious, and and a little scary books then you should read I Survived the Shark Attacks of 1916. I also liked this book because it tought me a lesson about telling the truth. If this book keeps you on the edge of your seat, you mite want to read more of the I Survived series.

Ember Washlock