An unperfect society.

By Sam Davis.

When one attempts to mess with the minds of their people and manipulate their thinking, they will get hate and revolution in return.

As shown throughout Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451, and George Orwell's 1984 book, when one strives for a perfect world, he will, without a doubt, end up in failure. A society will never succeed at becoming a utopian society because each citizen has his or her own version or thinking of a utopia.

No matter how hard an individual tries at making a utopian society, there will always be problems blocking their success.

For example, when Guy Montag steals an illegal book from a ladies house, peace is turnded in to madness, as this happens, "They turned, their faces like blanched meat, streaming with sweat; he beat their heads knocking off their helmets, bringing them down on themselves." (Bradbury 133). This deals with a perfect society never being possible because it shows that once someone does something bad, people will start to turn on eachother.

Another reason why a utopian society will never exist is because in the story, 1984, it states that the men do not like girls, which might be perfect for the men, but it isn't for the woman. This is not an example of a perfect society, as Winston Smith states, "He disliked all of the pretty woman. It was always the woman." (Orwell 7). This shows that a utopian society will never exist because the men and woman were not created equal.

Adding onto the first statement, each citizen has their own perspective on a utopia, so everyone would want it to be different.

For instance, Montags society does not allow people to own books, but Montag meets up with a man named Faber and they plan to run away with the books. As said by Faber in Fahrenheit 451, "I deserve everything. Run for God's sake. Perhaps I can delay them here!" (Bradbury 129). This shows how people's own feelings can get in the way because Montag and Faber want to keep their books so they try to escape from the police.

In addition to this, in the story 1984, Goldstein was against how the city was being run, so she protested by saying things like, "Goldstein was delivering his usual venomous attacks against the party. He was abusing big brother, he was denouncing the dictatorship of the party." (Orwell 8). This relates to the thesis because Goldstein believes that the town is run the wrong way so he protests.

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In conclusions a utopian society will never exist because too many things get in the way like opinion, imagination, and feelings. No matter what attempt anyone makes at creating a utopian society, it will end up in chaos, war, revolution, and destruction.