Mrs. Franklin's Fabulous Firsties

January 17, 2016

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Happy New Year!

Well, I know we are a few weeks past the start of our new year, but it's still so refreshing to say. December was a whirl wind of a month. I was so happy to see all of the students when we returned to school and to hear about their winter break. We got right back to work and have had a very busy start to January. I love this time of year with first graders. They really begin to shine and to mature. Here's a review of what we've been working on the last few weeks:

In phonics, we continued our work with the soft c and g sounds. We really focused on asking, "Does it look right?" as the sounds for each have two or three spellings. Also, students were able to figure out that the vowel before the -dge spelling is a short vowel, while the vowel before a -ge would be a long vowel. Also, students worked with the silent e again. This time, it was with the long vowels u, o, and e. They are really becoming experts at both reading and spelling words with the long vowel sound spelled with the "silent e".

In reading, we continued to work on our Folktale unit. Students listened to, read, and retold a variety of folktales. They are able to identify and describe both the characters and the setting, as well as state the central message and retell the beginning, middle and end events.

Students also wrote their own version of The Mitten, by creating their own characters, setting, and events which mimic the events in the original story. Please be on the lookout for a link to your child's Wixie project with their story.

In math, we continued to work on collecting data, displaying information and analyzing the data. Students created their own question to ask, collected data from their classmates and then represented the data. The trickiest question for students to answer is the "How many more" question. For example, "How many more people like ________ than _______?" Students can count up from the smaller number or subtract the smaller number from the larger amount. We will continue to work on this type of problem before our unit test on Friday.

We began our Social Studies unit, My State is a Community. Students have learned about some of the natural areas of our state as well as some of the man made changes to our state. We will continue to learn about the traditions, customs and laws in Maryland.

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We had a great visit from a local dental hygienist who taught the children about keeping our teeth and gums healthy. We met Allie, the Alligator, and learned about how to brush, floss and the proper foods to eat to promote healthy teeth. Students were surprised to learn about the age at which they still need help with brushing and flossing....10! Want more information about Dentistry for Kids? Click on the title above the picture - "Learning about our Teeth!"

Odds and Ends

Please remember to order from the Scholastic Book Order this week.

Also, if you have signed up to volunteer in our classroom (or want to), please see the Shutterfly website. I appreciate your help!

The 100th day of school will be here before we know it. More information on this day will be sent out this week.

As always, please email me if you have any questions, concerns, or just want to say, "Hi!".