10 Money Management Tips

By: Julienne Mumpini

This is a list of the top ten things every college student should know in order to be comfortable with their money management. Come on, who wouldn't want to be financially safe?
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Tip #1

Get Organized! Have a financial goal and plan for your life.

Tip #2

Open a checking acount
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Tip #3

Be aware of the benefits and drawbacks of Financial Aid.
Know when and how to pay it off.
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Tip #4

Prepare for future careers by earning money on campus jobs.

Tip #5

Save money on food!

Tip #6

Figure out the share of costs with your roommate.
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Tip #7

Create a budget and keep track of your spending account.
How can a student stay within budget at college?
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Tip #8

Strive to obtain good credit.

Tip #9

Learn abut compounding and investing for the future.
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Tip #10

Take a breather and be smart about your choices.
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