1st Amendment Rights

Citizen's Basic Rights

Freedom of Religion

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The freedom of religion assures U.S. citizens that we are allowed to believe in any religion or not religion at all. The right of freedom of religion means to have the religion you want.

Freedom of Speech

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Freedom of speech is the right to speak with reinsurance of not getting harm. The quote from Larry Flynt means that this rights protect what we say that people don't like.

Freedom of the Press

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The freedom of the press means for the press to make opinions in public or private without approval or recommendation. In the picture are the choices citezins share news.

The Right to Assemble


The right to assemble is the right to gather together in public or private to share a message. This video shows how the right to assemble is a freedom to U.S. citizens to join together without authorities interfering.

The Right to Petition


The Right to Petition is the right to make a change not our neighborhood by making a request. This video how the right to petition gives us the freedom to change something we don't in our government.