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About Our Funeral Home

Eternal Rest Funeral Home was established in 1995. We have been proud to serve the residents of Fostoria for 20 years. We hope that our relationship with the people of the town will continue to grow.

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Cremation? Burial?

There are many choices you have to make when planing a funeral.

We are here to help make these choices easier.

One of the first things we have you decide is if you are going with a burial or cremation.

If you want a burial we then will help you decide what you want to wear or what you want your loved one to wear. We will also discuss things like having an open or closed casket. If you want to be placed a mausoleum or in the ground. We will discuss If you already have a burial plot, and if not how to get one. We will help you choose the right location as well as the finer details like who you will be buried next to.

Memorial Service

Whether you are going to be cremated of buried, you can have a funeral or memorial service.

We will help you pick the right service based on your wants and needs.

We will help you prepare for any rituals you might want to include.

We will also help you decide on everything you want done at the service, from religious scripture, poems, music, and the eulogy.

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Consideration of the Individual

We are here to help with planing your own funeral and burial as stress free as possible.

We will go though the same things as we would with someone planing their loved ones funeral.

We can set up prepaid payment plans, so that your family does not have to worry about the cost once you pass away.

We will help you find the right spot to be buried and work out all the details of both cremation and burial.

We will work out all cultural and religious rituals you will want at your service.

All arrangements will be made with your privacy in mind.

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Consideration of the Family

We provide grief counseling and help though the planing process.

We are available for assistance when writing the obituary as well as helping you get it published.

We are available for explanation on how to write an eulogy and other how to prepare other materials for the service.

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Cultural Considerations

A death ritual is a symbolic affirmation of values by means of culturally standardized utterance and actions (Leming & Dickinson, 2016, p. 346).

We are prepared for rituals of most major religious groups. We can cater to Jewish customs, Christian customs, Buddhist customs, and Islamic customs.

Jewish Customs

We are willing to work you as fast as possible to have the body buried with-in 24 hours of death.

We have wooden coffins available and will help you plan a memorial service without a showing.

We also have have a member of the Jewish Burial society on call to preform tahorah, a purification.

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Christian Customs

We have a priest available for a worship service or a memorial service of your choosing. If you do not have any music in mind, we have someone who will come in and sing Christian Hymns.

We give you the option of embalming as well as cremation. We will have the body prepared and help you plan a service with-in the first two days after death.

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Buddhist Customs

We offer you the choice of the preferred method of burial, cremation. We also give you the option of a ground burial if wanted. There is a buddhist priest on call for a service. We are willing to plan the funeral service at the crematorium or the place of burial.

(Leming & Dickinson, 2016, p. 387).

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Islamic Customs

We are willing to work with you as fast as possible so that there is no unnecessary delay. We understand wanting the body buried as soon as possible after death, and we are here to help you receive that help.

We will work out special pricing for the preparation of the body as well as the burial, without any service.

We are have contact information so you can find a close mosque to grieve and hold a service at.

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Pricing and Economical Considerations

A standard burial package includes a preparation of the body, a showing, and service.

Price - $3,000.

Any traditional religious package includes preparations for any rituals, any special preparations for the body, a showing, and service.

Price - $4,000

A simple cremation with a service

Price - $1,200

Cremation with a showing and service before cremation

Price - $2,000

Cremation with no service

Price - $800

We are willing to work with you individually on payment plans as well as discussing cost saving factors.

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Office Hours...

Monday - Friday: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Saturday: 10 a.m - 3 p.m.

Sunday: Closed

Service hours are set to your needs.


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