Every Day is a New Story

Beliefs about 5th Grade Writing

Everyone has a Story

Every day in our hallway begins roughly the same way. The bell rings. Students begin flooding through the hallways, bringing with them the enthusiasm and voices.

"Mrs. Preston! Guess what!"

Each child has at least one, but more than likely, a host of anecdotes to share. Writing is simply the communication of these ideas with the written word. My jobs as a teacher of writing workshop is to encourage kids to become passionate storytellers through their writing and to give them the tools they need for independent creators of quality work. To do this, we have a carefully designed, research-based curriculum and a framework for our time together as learners.

The Basics

Three Workshop Components


This is a 5-10 minute segment when we meet whole group in our writing center. During this time, I will demonstrate a "quick tip", based on the things I've seen in student writing. This tip will be something kids can use, not just for today, but for their whole lives as writers.

Independent Practice

This is the brunt of our writer's workshop. Typically between 30-40 minutes long, this is where students do their most important act as writers: write. As they work, I take the opportunity to meet with students or groups of students to confer more specifically about their development as writers.

Share Time

Arguably the most important segment of workshop, share time is also the kids' favorite time, because this is where they hold the mic. It is a time to spotlight all of the wonderful skills kids are using in their writing, providing a real life example to the other kids of their potential for using language.