Panther Points

March 27, 2015


Submitted by Mr. Smoot

Throughout my childhood and my adult life, I have found great joy in superhero movies. I’m not sure if nostalgia brings me back to the movies, or if it is my inner-child that still dreams of having amazing powers. Regardless of the reason, superheroes have the ability to accomplish great things with what they have been given. The mark of any famous superhero is not only his/her ability to fight, but what they are fighting for. Whether it be vengeance, saving a civilization, or guiding humanity towards a better world, the reason for fighting becomes much more important than their ability to fight.

When I think of the superhero teachers from my past, I never recall one that stands out of the pack due to his/her utterly amazing amount of knowledge. The impression this group left on me was never due to a well thought curriculum, an earth-shattering assessment, or the pace at which the content was taught. The difference between a teacher, and a superhero teacher is this: a superhero teacher understands that the cause that they are fighting for is more important than the skills they have. A true superhero pours his/her mind, body, and spirit into the cause that he/she is fighting for. In our lives, we have all encountered teachers who were impressive, solely based on their cognitive ability. However, I believe to make a true impact on the 350 lives that surround us on a daily basis, we must find what we are super at, and use it to be a hero. Stan Lee once said, “With great power, comes great responsibility.” All of us hold great power when influencing our students and I’m sure that, no matter how strong our students are, they are all looking for a superhero to save them.

Recent Events at CBMS

Next Week

  • Today, Friday, March 27-7th Grade Duty Free!
  • Supervision Next Week-Front/Corner-Blackwell, Gym/Cross-Gowin, Café/Buses-Bryson, 8th Hall AM-Rolfson, Morning Crosswalk-Forsee
  • Morning Assembly-Monday-Simkins, Tuesday-Rolfson, Thursday-Dollens
  • Detention Tuesday-Forsee
  • Monday, March 30-8th grade staff MAP training in Library during 7th period (students report to gym) 6th grade Attendance Margins during Advisory. Track @ Macon, depart @ 2 PM.
  • Tuesday, March 31-7th grade staff MAP training in ibrary during 7th period (students report to gym)
  • Wednesday, April 1-Paraprofessional Day. 6th grade staff MAP training in library during 6th period (students report to gym)
  • Thursday, April 2-School in session, full day make up.
  • Friday, April 3-Good Friday-No School.
  • Monday, April 6-Easter Break-No School.

**If you suspect a student's attendance merits him/her being on the Attendance Margins List, please advise Mrs. Ross and she will double check.

15-16 Plan/Schedule

  1. “Flex” time after each lunch shift

  2. Purchase sixth grade lockers

  3. Eliminate Advisory

  4. Shorter Morning Assembly

  5. Start first period at 8:15 (consistent with other buildings)

  6. Extend periods to 52 minutes

  7. Each grade level develops own HW policy for approval. Also develop a plan “outside” the policy for students with chronic HW issues—a strategy that takes a positive rather than a punitive approach

  8. Planner will still be provided, but for own student use

  9. “Hall Pass” done with sign out sheets.

  10. Eliminate HW Lab—possibly offer tutoring after school on certain days of week.

6th Grade

1st 8:15—9:07

2nd 9:10—10:02

3rd 10:05—10:57

L 10:57-11:20

Flex 11:20—11:31

4th 11:34—12:26

5th 12:29—1:21

6th 1:24—2:16

7th 2:19—3:12

8th Grade

1st 8:15-9:07

2nd 9:10-10:02

3rd 10:05-10:57

4th 11:00-11:20 (20)

L 11:20-11:43

Flex 11:43-11:54

4th 11:54-12:26 (32)


6th 1:24-2:16

7th 2:16-3:12


1st 8:15—9:07

2nd 9:10—10:02

3rd 10:05—10:57

4th 11:00—11:52

L 11:52—12:15

Flex 12:15-12:26

5th 12:29—1:21

6th 1:24—2:16

7th 2:19-3:12