2012 Land Rover Range Price

Jamaree Thomas

Carfax information

This is a used 2012 range rover at the price of $37,988. This vehicle is located in Denver NC with 51750 miles on it. It has an 8 cylinder engine with an automatic transmission. The drive type is a 4WD exterior color is red and interior color is tan. Since this is a used car and buying used things if an not typically good for the outcome. So we need to make sure that everything is okay with the car. Carfax gives me a complete car report on the car. It has been owned twice the first time for 11 month and the second time for 2 years and 3 months.

link to the vehicle:http://www.carfax.com/vehicles/SALSK2D41CA739980-used-2012-land-rover-range-rover-sport-hse--denver

Range Rover Website

The price of this white 2012 vehicle is $52,900. It was also pre-owned with 41,563 miles on the vehicle. The transmission is automatic and the interior is arabic. This website does not go into as much detail as carafe did. This car is also more expensive. We also do not know how many owners this car had. If I did not go to carfax then I would not know all of the information that I do know about this car. The official website does not go into as much detail and they have probably worked on this car multiple times. They have also probably fixed this car. I guess that is a question that you would have to ask the dealership when you get there just to see what is going on with the vehicle.

link to the vehicle: http://cpo.landroverusa.com/certified/land-rover/range-rover/2012-white-hse-3479826.html


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