The Aztecs

What caused the downfall in population in the Aztec empire ?

Aztec smallpox causes

What at the time killed a lot of Aztecs was a disease called smallpox it is alot like chickenpox but it infected the Aztec by the spanish slave. An African slave who came in 1520 had smallpox.

The big disease

Disease it played a huge part in the downfall of the Aztec population. This is what really happened. After Cortes had landed in Mexico, one of the other Spanish armies came from Cuba to make sure Cortes followed the orders that were given him. Cortes would do none of that, and went to fight them. In this new group was an African being held as a slave who had a very dangerous disease called smallpox, now known as Variola.

Cortes Kills the rest

Hernan Cortes finished killing all the Aztecs that the smallpox did not kill. The spanish had just conquered the Aztecs.
"Hernan Cortez and the Conquest of the Aztec Empire" by Joan R.