What's the BUZZ?

September 19th- 23rd

Week Ahead

Monday, September 19th
  • Grade 1-4 Intramural Soccer at PM recess (everyone welcome)
  • Fire Drill at 9:30 am today

Tuesday, September 20th (Day 1)

  • IEP Support Session after school in the library
  • Grade 5-8 Intramural Soccer at PM recess (everyone welcome)
  • Boo Bash Parent Committee Meeting at 6:30 pm
  • New timetables start today

Wednesday, September 21st

  • Grade 7/8 George Couros Presentation at NDSS at 9:45 am
  • Grade 1-4 Intramural Soccer at PM recess (everyone welcome)
  • Staff Meeting at 2:40 pm
  • St. Donat Parent Meeting at 6 pm

Thursday, September 22nd

  • Grade 5-8 Intramural Soccer at PM recess (everyone welcome)
  • Fire Drill at some point this afternoon

Friday, September 23rd

  • Colour House Spirit Day (Wear your Colour House Colours)
  • Dance Club at PM recess for Grades 1-4
  • Pictures for assembly slideshow due to Susan Watson
  • Assembly certificates due to Office (I will put them in your mailboxes Monday)

Classroom Connection

I have included a few useful articles and Ministry resources that I came across this week. I thought that the articles on mindfulness for students were of particular interest. We have all had PD on self-regulation and the difficulties many of our students have in this area. The mindfulness activities provide a way of supporting students to learn ways to calm down and be aware of what is going on in their bodies and minds in the present moment. I feel that these activities are necessary for some students but there are many others who would benefit that we may not even realize need this type of support.

I also thought the article on children who experience trauma was of particular interest. It discusses how trauma can begin to occur before birth. I thought the way that it highlighted neglect as an infant as a very serious form of trauma. Sometimes, it is easy to identify students with trauma when they have suffered violent incidents but there are many others as we know, who suffer in silence without a major event to bring attention to their suffering.

Upcoming Events for the Calendar

Monday, September 26th
  • Grade 7/8 Immunizations (library closed)

Tuesday, September 27th

  • Picture Day

Wednesday, September 28th

  • Krista away at training (Sue Perry In)
  • Christine away at Conference

Thursday, September 29th

  • Christine away at Conference
  • Terry Fox Run 10:45 am
  • Success Assembly Grade 1-4 8:15 am
  • Success Assembly Grade 5-8 9:00 am

Friday, September 30th

PA Day