How To Be A Good Friend

By Alyssa

How To Start

When you are new to the school or don't have any friend

New Day!

Start By Being Peoples Friend and say nice things to them and do a favor for them if they ask you to.What you can do is you can ask someone you don't know to be friends with them.First you wanna to know their name.After that you can play with them in class or at recess.

New Best Friend

once you find a good friend to play with or to be nice to enjoy the fun and be nice to them or her/him. You can do any activity to do with them. Even you do more stuff with your best friend or do a craft. Even though she/he is your friend it does not mean you have to be mean to her/him.Just have some fun with her/him.
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High Five!

As you can see in this picture the girl and the boy are proud of there self's. Because she/he accomplished there goal
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Three Best Buddy's

As u can see in this picture three best buddies the first friends name is jelly then Patricia came along and then one day they found bob sitting down at the bench alone. After that jelly asked bob to be both of there friends. Then it was a happy ever after. :]