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Happy Fall Everyone!

This school is certainly moving along quickly with lots of great things going on! I'd like to remind you to take time and reflect on what is working well for this year and continue to foster that.

Fall can also be a time during which you have to push yourself a little harder as we really get into the crux of the school year and its responsibilities. If you don't feel like you have the same pizzazz that you did the first few days of school, I would like to take a moment to encourage you "FALL Back In Love with Teaching." Although the theme of her article revolves around Valentine's Day, the subject matter is very fitting for any time of the year. Read these encouraging words from the 2009 NC Teacher of the Year and National TOY finalist, Cindi Rigsee: Click here to read "Fall Back in Love with Teaching".

Keep up the Great Work!

Keep the questions coming, keep the engagement going...keep going further! I am very excited and pleased with the overall creative uses of the tablets and technology in such a short amount of time! Teachers are flipping, leveling texts, creating pathways, building digital spaces for content, having students create multimedia projects and more! Remember, it's all about going a step further than you did last year. While substituting the tablet for an old use (i.e. digital worksheet) is the first step in tech integration, to truly transform your teaching, augmentation and modification are our goals this year. Do something with these tablets that was otherwise impossible to get the best bang for your buck! We want students working at a higher level to tap into those HOT skills and what better way to challenge them, than to use an engaging tech tool to help them go deeper.

Your colleagues have some great ideas and as always, I am more than willing to help you transform those lessons. Together, we can!

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Web 2.0 and Tablet Tidbits

LearnZillion app is here!

Students should now all have access to the LearnZillion app on their tablets. LearnZillion is an open, cloud-based curriculum available online. It's free to sign up for teachers and students. Students will need to sign up for an account to access the services.

There are quite a few great CCSS-aligned resources you can tap into with LearnZillion's free tier of services such as:

  • Math lessons (grades 2-12)
  • Close reading lessons--informational and literary (grades 2-12)
  • Writing lessons (grades 3-12)

If your school has purchased the premium tier, you are also able to:

  • Further customize lessons for your students
  • Integrate fully with LMS's such as Canvas and Edmodo
  • Capture data from ready-made performance tasks

It's a great resource for foundational teaching and learning. Kiser Tigers will receive their student account information very soon.

If you already use this tool check out their NEW FEATURES here!

Hidden Gems of the Tablet: Getting the Most Out of your Tablet

Do you teach students with no home WiFi? Did you know there is a lot of embedded content on the the tablet that does not need WiFi access?

Did you know that through Browser, there is a way to save webpages for offline reading?

This information and more was shared in presentation that I've had the chance to share with some of you. It covers nothing brand new about the tablets, but it does go deeper into some of functions of commonly used apps.

Click here to view the pdf version of the presentation and feel free to save it for reference. As always, please let me know if you have questions or need clarification.

App Requests vs. Shortcut Apps

New App Approval: Have you found an awesome app that would be great for your content area? Feel free to submit that app for approval using this form. Apps that have not been properly approved, will not be allowed on student tablets. The linked form outlines the must haves (and have nots) of desired student apps. Once completed, please submit this form to your school's MTAC coordinator (usually the Media Specialist) or your PLEF in order to begin the approval process. Please be mindful getting an app approved for the Amplify Market does not have a quick turn-around. However, if the MTAC committee and MDAC (district level) committee approve, this app can be loaded for your school/grade level.

Shortcut Apps: If you frequently use a website as a grade level (i.e. Ten Mark, Think Through Math, NewsELA), those websites can be turned into a shortcut app! This saves time and errors from typing in lengthy web addresses. Think of this as your browser's favorites. If there is a tool that is used on a wide-spread bases, please email me the weblink so we can add it to the student tablets. Web 2.0 tools do not need to go the app approval process.

Please welcome our CTC: Kim Fiore

This year, we are grateful to have, Kim Fiore serving both Kiser and Kernodle as our Classroom Technology Coordinator. She is originally from Charlotte, NC and moved to Greensboro to attend UNCG where she graduated with a degree in psychology and sociology in 2013. She likes traveling, TV and movies, and has a dog and 2 cats. She is also getting married in September 2016, and her favorite thing to do is spend time with my friends and family. Please welcome Kim and don't hesitate to ask for her assistance!
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