OTAP Focus on Accessibility


Accessible Educational Materials

The Oregon Technology Access Program PLT (Professional Learning/Leadership Team) represents educational environments from across the state of Oregon. The PLT identified a crucial common statewide challenge area, the provision of Accessible Educational Materials (AEM), including IEP documentation, acquisition or creation of alternative formats, Bookshare, Learning Ally, accessibility of online curriculum and data collection of demographics and successes to develop guidelines for best practices of AEM.

Our first step is to gather your input. Please complete the following brief questionnaire as to 1) What is going well in the area of provision of AEM in your school/district? 2) What are the challenges that you are facing in your schools in the area of provision of AEM in your school/district? and 3) How can OTAP help support your schools/districts to increase awareness of the laws and best practices in the area of provision of AEM?

Once we identify areas of need, we will work together to identify supports and solutions.

Definition: Accessible educational materials, or AEM, are materials and technologies usable for learning across the widest range of individual variability, regardless of format or features. Whether a material or technology is designed from the start to be accessible for all learners or is made accessible for learners with disabilities, it is considered AEM.

For more information: http://aem.cast.org/

If you have a few more moments

The following questionnaire seeks further information about specific technology tools being used in your school or district.


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