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There is a estimation that today all the plastic that pollutes the oceans equals out to be about 165 tons. That needs to be changed.


Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution is hurting the environment and animals, but we can help by recycling and being conservative.

Areas Involved

Don't just think it is the United States going through this problem. India is involved and so is China.

(Plastic Pollution,2013)


Plastic pollution hasn't always been a problem, it really hasn't been noticeable until the 1980s. This problem has arisen because of the production of plastic, it has grown to 260 million tons being produced a year in 2007.


(Plastic Pollution,2013)

Great Pacific Garbage Patch

The United States has this problem called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

What is that?

It is an area in the Pacific Ocean with a very high concentration of plastic debree.


Plastic is also causing drainage pipes to clog, and flooding to occur.

(Plastic Pollution,2013)

Loss of Species

The Problems the plastic debree causes is animal death, there has been 267 marine species affected by the plastic in the ocean. These deaths happen because they eat or get caught in the plastic polluting the oceans.



Your probably thinking, I can just throw plastic away, but no you can't.

Plastic is a non-biodegradable material that won't decay. Yes that might be good for the consumers but it is not for the enviroment and aninmals.

(Plastic Pollution,2013)

Self Solutions

There are ways to help. We can recycle and use reusable products, yes that may not seem very affective but it helps.


Global Solutions

There are many different attempts to help the plastic problem. There are some bans on foam containers and plastic bags. Also scientist are inventing and working on a substitute material for plastic called nanocarbons which are less of polluters.


(Plastic Pollution,2012)

Plastic pollution is a big problem that can't be forgotten, we need to work on our habbits and help the enviroment and animals.

To Help

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