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Cyber Counselor's Corner Newsletter: Volume 3 (Nov 2022)

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  • Breaking News
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  • Request to meet Magnet Counselor
  • News updates and resources from Zachry's counseling department

This month in Classroom Guidance

In classroom guidance this month, we began working in our guidance content area of College and Career Readiness & Post-Secondary Planning. In this area, we had a special guidance lesson on motivation to succeed. Your Global Leaders engaged in practicing a great reflection and evaluation strategy to regain motivation to achieve their goals!

*Breaking News*

As we discussed in classroom guidance, it is important that we regularly revisit our goals to reignite motivation and reflect on our behaviors and actions. Moreover, what direction are we moving in on a continuum toward accomplishing our goals and growing? In that regard, I want to personally inform you that I have to "practice what I preach" to our Global Leaders. I have decided to accept an opportunity for growth as a Professional School Counselor and will be leaving Zachry Magnet School. This Friday, November 18th will be my last day on campus. Upon return after Thanksgiving Break, your new counselor Mrs. Galvan will be here to support you going forward!

It has been one of the greatest honors of my career to have had the opportunity to lay the foundation, establish traditions and help open Zachry Magnet School! I'm so thankful to have had the opportunity to bring in the first and second-year Global Leaders and will cherish all of the great memories and accomplishments.

Finally, thank YOU for entrusting me with the privilege to nurture and support the academic, and personal development of your children. I wish you all continued happiness and success! Have a great break and farewell!


Mrs. Gervais

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Meet your new Zachry Magnet School counselor!

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Counseling Services

The counseling services available include:

  • Classroom guidance lessons
  • Short-term individual & group counseling
  • Individual planning
  • Consultations for parents, staff & community
  • Coordination of resources to support student needs and success

How can I meet with or speak to my counselor?

Students, families, and staff may complete the "Request To See My Counselor" form and I will set up a time to meet with you or call you. The form can be accessed in three ways.

It is available online on our website under Counseling Services. Flyers, like the one below, are displayed in the hallways throughout campus, where students/staff may scan the QR code to access the form. Additionally, students have the option to stop by the magnet office before/after school or during passing time to complete a paper form.

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When will I hear from my counselor after submitting a request?

Please know that our Global Leaders (and families) are my greatest priority and the reason I am here! :)

When you complete the request form, you will be asked to note your level of concern.

Requests are prioritized and addressed by the level of concern in the following order:

1st: RED


3rd: GREEN

Red (urgent) requests are the top priority and students with such requests will be addressed as quickly as possible, the same day. Generally, yellow requests will be addressed within 48 school business hours, followed by green requests.

*Please note, that requests, questions, or concerns sent via email (in lieu of completing the form) will be managed the same way.

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Zachry Magnet School

If you have any guidance and counseling questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.