Say Yes to Fascism, You Don't Have a Choice!

Join Our Government Where You Do Not Have any Choices!

Here in our country we are ruled by our self-apponited dictator that makes life very easy by not giving us any choices for us to choose ourselves! Also there is no way for us to get a new ruler unless someone were to try and invade and then take over our country. We also do not get to choose our leader or our laws or much of anything else that has to do with our lives.

Every Day, No Choice!

Every day we wake up knowing we must follow some of the ridiculous laws that our leader creates and sometimes asks for the powerless legislature to pass. We wake up knowing that we must follow the laws or be severely punished or even killed. We as citizens are only allowed the bare minimum of choices like clothing, food, and sometimes where we live!

Fascism Q & A

Many people ask us just how fascism really is, well the true answer to that would be to tell you how horrible it is, but since bad-mouthing our dictator is strictly prohibited we are forced to say that it is good. Another question we get asked is how much we like living in this fascist country, again the true answer to that would be that we absolutely hate it but we are still made to say that is is pleasant and agreeable.