history block 66-69

From the Reform to the Restore Republic

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"The national arms have been covered with glory"

  • After the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, in which the Mexican army defeated the French invaders battalions.
  • The General Ignacio Zaragoza in a document addressed to the president told that. "The French army has fought with great bravery VALUE.
  • His commanding general has behaved awkwardly in the attack.
  • The national arms have been covered in glory.
  • Each side think about what happened according to their political interests.
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The newspapers of the time: scenario for ideas and caricature

  • Freedom of expression is a very important value which is now a fundamental right.
  • The conquest of this and other rights we owe largely to the generation of liberals who ruled the country since the Revolution of Ayutla.
  • The press exercised his freedom to write and publish whatever I wanted.
  • One of the provisions that had great importance to freedom of expression is the DECREE ON FREEDOM OF GOVERNMENT PRINTING.
  • There is the freedom to write and publish texts on any subject.
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