Kumon learning center

What is Kumon?

Kumon learning center is a math and reading program for kids to excel or to help them do better in school . Kumon learning center was originally established in japan a man by the name of Toru Kumon he was a dad and his son was struggling with math and reading.

He came up with the Kumon program that we go by

Start up cost?

Their start up cost can range any where from 70,000 -15,000

They will decrease the start up cost if you can not pay for it to 2,000- 27,500


Kumon has no set higher age they offer training by the instructor but it does not need a lot of training because it is so easy to get the hang of it.

Qualifications ?

There are not many qualifications because it is a after school program and to grade the papers they give you a grade book


The net worth for Kumon is about 15,000 the franchise fee is about 1,000 a month ,and The last fee royalty fee is 32- 36$ a month per student