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I have always thought it would be a blast to make my own island, but I would have to figure out how. I would either buy an already existing island or I would upset a volcano to make a new island, but I knew that was not a good idea! So I got together with some of my friends and got enough money to buy an island! Before we surely knew we were going to buy that island we decided that the Pacific Ocean was a terrific place to have an island and decided a name for it and everything that was going to be on it. Then we found out the temperature and that it was going to be by Hawaii! Yes!

Our island will have everything from roller coasters to spas and fancy restaurants. Also, it has the best amusement parks and zoos! It will make you feel at home, comfortable, and nice and cozy. We have special hotels for some fun or romance! We have waterparks with caves and hot to tubs too! We have mountains to climb, beaches to swim, and a volcano to watch erupt. There is a soothing blue waterfall with animals to watch. There are mansions you can rent for little bits of money and underwater sea beds to choose instead of plain spa beds. Also we have sweets in our hotels that have waterbeds and hot tubs in the bathrooms. Also a full kitchen just incase.

One of the best parts of our island is we have an R.V with 27 other R.V’s hooked to it so incase your trip is long you can just stay in your rented R.V till your stop. It’s called Metro Tax. Also if you are looking for any other places to get somewhere like back home then just listen up because I am going to tell you some places that you can go. So you can go to the monorail system because it goes to all of the places you need to go. Also we have an airport called Lift Off the Mickey and Minnie airlines. So you can go anywhere you want because those airlines are very nice and listen to a lot of people. But just a hint if you are mean to them then they are going to be mean to you. Just a heads up.

If you really want to be amazed or have a lot of fun then I suggest that you go to some of the water parks or zoos we have. If one day you all of a sudden you get bored or tired of the same old things then you can go to one of our water paks called Minnie Falls. A few other water parks we have are Mickey Falls and Minnies Water. When you go swimming you will have a terrific time there. Don’t forget we have zoos, because I know that you will have an amazing time , because we have animals that you will enjoy watching in our stupendous saffari. When you go in our safari you can do a scavenger hunt that was made by the secretaries that work there. Did you know that we also have amusement parks called Mickey’s Magical Land and Minnies Experience. When you go there you will be amazed by how many rides there are, because there will lots of rides to ride.

If you are ever looking for a normal restaurant you could go to Minnie’s Foods which is meant for kids 12 and under, but if your kid is 13 or you don’t have kids and you want to go with your spouse Mickey Mill would be a fantastic place to go! When you bring your kids 12 and under to Minnie’s Foods they would be able to play in a pool, and when they get in the pool they would be able to swim up to a place where you would be able to have any kind of food that you could think of and also any drink too! You will have full access to pick a safe lifegard to help your kid swim with a flouti or without a flouti you kids and your choice! Your kids would love to go to Minnie’s Foods, because it is a fabulous place to be. There are some fun things about Mickey Mill for the older kids and adults! The amazing part about Mickey Mill is that you would be able to pick a hilarious chef that cooks in front of you and right when they are done cooking they will give you the food. While they make your food they will play a lot of tricks on you while they are making your food! Every person that has gone to these two places loved it and didn’t want to go home! I hope that you are one of these people!

Isn’t our island sweet? It basically has everything you need to have a soothing and fun vacation.! Stores, spas, water parks, hotels, shops, and a large amount more of other places to go. Come on down to one of the greatest islands in the world! You now you will love it and don’t take my word for it! All you have to do is set up a flight with our amazing Lift off crew and you’ll see what we are talking about! I know you will love our island so much! Just go for it!

Emily, Maddie, Shae, and Bella

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