Math Update

Week of April 4th

This Week in Math

It's hard to believe that we are in the final stretch of the school year! This week in math we'll continue to practice algebraic concepts through our math starters and independent work. We'll also begin a unit on probability. Students will express the probability of a single event occuring using both words, such as likely or impossible, as well as fractions. They'll also create tree diagrams, like the one below, to display all of the possible outcomes (sample space) of a single event.

Big image

Student Growth Assessment Results

Students in fifth grade took the Student Growth Assessment (SGA) before we recessed for Spring Break. This week students will receive their test results and use them, along with data we've been collecting on their assessments all year, to make learning goals for the rest of the school year. These goals will determine if your child is in need of remediation, practice or enrichment in each SOL. More information about the goal sheets and how we assess your child's growth will be shared in next week's newsletter.

I'll also use the assessment results to clear up misconceptions that might remain, engage students in error analysis and review test taking strategies.

Important Dates/Upcoming Assessments

April 8: 5.9 Circles Test

April 12: 5.14 Probability Test

April 15: 5.18 Algebra and 5.19 Distributive Property Test

April 18: Fifth Grade visit to LCMS

April 21: 5.10 Elapsed Time Test

April 21: Interim reports sent home