work Experuence

My work Experuence

British Heart Foundation

For my work experience I worked at British Heart Foundation in cricklewood. It is a charity shop where they sell furniture and electrical goods.

What I leant there

I worked there for two weeks, seven hours every day from 10:00 to 5:00. Actually I learnt a lot of things, like how to build a bed and how to dismantle it, I learned how to price the stock. On personal live I leant hoe to deal with customers and how to be responsible.

My colleagues were friendly and they treated me as a member of the shop and the manager was nice to me and he treated me nicely and respectful.

On the whole, it was a beautiful and everything has been organized smartly and carefully, the extenders was interesting.

If I got another opportunity I would like to work there i know it’s very hard as fiscal lifting and carrying heavy stock but it’s challenging for me.