Mann Science

For the week of January 13 - 17, 2014

A note from Mrs. Mann

We survived the first week back!

All classes worked hard on our genetics vocabulary. Each student wrote the word and definition down in their interactive notebook, then they interacted with the vocabulary two more times from several options. We also had a day in class where we took notes and had great discussion and lots of questions.

I took 5 grades last week.

Check the Home Access Center to see your student's grades so far!

Our first major grade starts this week! See below.

Tutorials this semester:

If your student still needs help understanding any of our genetics unit, have them attend tutorials. They can also work on their project.

  • Tuesday - a.m. - starting @ 7:50
  • Tuesday - p.m. - ending @ 4:30
  • Thursday - a.m. - starting @ 7:50
  • Thursday - p.m. - ending @ 4:30
  • Friday - a.m. - starting @ 7:50

Student examples from last week!

Upcoming Events


Monday - 8th grade registration presentation from Mr. Miles

Tuesday - Review genetics vocabulary and work on punnett squares

Wednesday -Friday - we will work in class on our "Pet Project". This project allows the student to take their knowledge of basic genetics and apply it to "real world".

This is our first major grade for the six weeks.


January 20 is a student Holiday

January 22 - 24 Mr. Miles (our counselor) will be collecting 8th grade registration forms