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Effective Assessment

Each one of you is working through and with student assessment on a daily basis. As a district, we are moving deeper and deeper into how and why we use assessment. To even start the process of effective assessment one must first start with a Clear Purpose for what the assessment is for. I encourage you to take a look at the chart and see where you find yourself within your assessment world. All of us can create a test...but are we able to articulate all elements of effective assessment. Looking over the diagram below, think about where you currently find yourself. What areas can you continue to grow and where do you find strength? In the coming months, we will continue to develop your ability to use assessment to drive your classroom instruction.
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Where you get your voice....

Below is a brief "interview"...if you are willing (because it is optional) complete the questions and submit back to me (you can cut/paste the questions into an email if you like)..then in a future newsletter you will be featured..You all do great things in the classroom and its time to celebrate and learn from each other...

Mentoring Newsletter Mini-Interview

1. Name/School/Position:

2. Hometown:

3. College:

4. Why you chose teaching:

5. Best Moment of the first few months:

6. Most Challenging Moment of the first few months:

7. If I could go back to New Teacher Academy, what advice would I give myself?

8. Coolest life moment/experience

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There are three types of ETMs and numerous titles from which to choose. ETMs can be completed online or in face-to-face sessions. Additionally, you have the option to go with your mentor for a half-day (sub provided) to observe effective peers for one ETM. A full listing of the ETMs available can be found at http://www.bluevalleyk12.org/etm.

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What to know about the Mentor

I have the greatest job ever.
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