So You Want To Be An Author?

Think about this. Have you ever had the moment where your mind wanders? Or have you ever had where you could vision something as it could be in a story? Have you ever wanted to share these things?

If so, you might want to consider being an author

But there is also so many different types of authors. There are Academic Writers, Translators, Technical writers, Storywriters, Staff writers, Speechwriters, Songwriters, ScreenWriters, Reviewers, Resume writers, Poetry writers, Play writers, Online writers, Nonfiction book writers, Journalists, Grant writers, Ghostwriters, Game writers, Copywriters, Columnists, Article writers, Academic writers, and so many more. But each writer has a different job to do, and sometimes authors like to read a certain type, but write a different.

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Who Are Authors?

An author is someone who loves their visions being voiced, they love writing. Some authors consider it their language. They enjoy making their work for people like us to read, authors use their minds to express ideas and thoughts.

What Education Is Needed For An Author?

A university education is usually recommend for amy of the writing fields, any type of writing needs a special degree. For example, technical writers need a university degree and an area of computer science or engineering. A copywriter needs a university degree or college diploma in French, English, marketing, and advertising. A creative writer might want to take a creative writing program usually offered by colleges or universities.

How Do Writers Start Off?

Most writers, or authors start off doing something online. Most famous Authors today started off writing and practicing on an online website. For example, Tamara Webber started off writing online before she became a published author. Authors like to put things out in the open that they like writing, but then again some authors aren't published and prefer being ghostwriters online.

Authors get paid by how many copies of their book get sold. Some authors get paid around $1.50 - $2.50 per book. If their book is more popular, they get paid more.

The author of Harry Potter gets paid about 1 Billion dollars

Now let me ask you, are you up for this job?