By: Brayden Kaeppel

Theme: Perseverance

  • Sounder has perseverance because when he got shot he was facing hard times because his ear was shot off and he had one eye and he only had three working legs. The Mother shows perseverance in this book because her husband was in jail and could not read and also has lack of money. The father shows perseverance by not stop trying to work hard in his jail job to get out of jail. The Boy never stops trying to look for sounder when hopes were low.


  • The summary of my article is the story of Jackie Robinson. This article is about how he is a the first black man to play in major league baseball. He was very much hated but he was very good. He played for the Brooklyn Dodgers for the major league baseball. Jackie was awarded the MVP award in 1949. Despite his skill, Robinson faced a lot of insults and threats because of his race.


  • My video was about dogs helping people with disabilities or diseases. The dogs comfort there owner so they feel accompanied by someone. The dogs make them feel happy so they are not lonely. The dogs are being accompanied to my the there owner and the owner is very happy. The whole video was about that dogs that accompany other people will make their owner happy.
  • The reason that this is related to sounder is that the dog comforts the people in the video and Sounder comforts his master and family. Sounder and the master help each other. Sounder accompany and make their family happy. Sounder helped their family get food and heat from hunting.

Anticipation Guide

  • Opinion of Statement:

Every person has a right to food, shelter, and safety. Agree

  • I feel this way because every human should be able to live in a home because if they live on the street then they might die because it might be to cold outside. People should be given food and water to survive. Homeless people should have home because most people usually die of hypothermia or hunger or not much water.

The Father, Daughter and Dog

  • The reason they are the same is because when Sounder’s master and Cheyenne’s master died, they died shortly after. The boy and Cheyenne’s master both had an inseparable bond.
  • The reason they are different is Cheyenne’s master died from a heart attack and the father died because he was in really bad shape. Sounder hunted for animals and Cheyenne had not.