Earthquake Shakes Ashfield

By Andre Hinkley

Danger on the street

I was at home playing on my nintendo switch at home then a foreshock happened so I got my phone, switch and supplies ready for an escape then the earthquake started and my floor ripped open and my two giant trees were ready to fall so I ran to the park on the other side of the road where there was nothing to fall on me so I was safe

The crisis is almost over

I find my friend David Blackmore and I call the fire department then it ends and I play Brawlhalla on my switch with David (and absolutely crush him)

Your favourite bit

After beating David at least 50 times (even when he had like 3 AI helpers on the highest difficulty) my switch ran out of battery and then a HUGE tree from next door fell on him and killed him and then 1 year later I found out Bowen got crushed by the roof of his house because he almost got a Victory Royale in Fortnite but right after he died in Fortnite he died in real life, Anita fell over and a coffee shop collapsed on top of her and killed her then I found out Leo died because he was running from buildings and then one fell on him but he fit through an open window of the building and jumped out and found 10 water bottles and tripped over and all the bottles landed in a huge tower of flipped bottles all landing on top each other and a brick landed on top and fell off and killed him
Big picture


John Flomada (age 20): I almost got sandwiched under a 58 storey building bailing out of my car ASAP before it got crushed and it exploded (I don't think I can get insurance for that so there is a $891,000 Ferrari gone)

Zack Grontama (age 26, firefighter): there was so much fire and chaos and I must have had like 30 people die at my feet :( [*o*]

Bill Nye (The science guy): I admire one person and his name is JOHN CENA