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Why Join my team?

Join the JIC and you will immediately receive a personalized eCommerce store and can start earning income within minutes. Our eCommerce store offers you limitless income potential and is personalized featuring your picture and social connections. We have removed all the hard work of earning income by completely automating everything, it has never been easier!

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You must be 18 to join. You must be self motivated, self sufficient, professional, have sales and/or recruiting experience. If you do not have this experience, find a sponsor in our organization to mentor you. You must follow our code of ethics and represent JIC with common courtesy and professionalism. More info can be found in the Get Started section after you join.

Your personalized online store will completely automate your business! From inventory management to payment processing, your paperwork load will be a distant memory. In fact, you have no need to worry about keeping inventory because we make sure our product is always available and ships out on time. Complete automation. Just promote yourself, It's that easy.


Have any questions? Please feel free to contact me at any time!!! I am here to help my team!!! Thank you :)