The Gift

By: Andy Torres

Point Of View

This story is in 3rd Person Omniscient because the narrator who is telling the story knows how the character are feeling and their thoughts. Here is and example of 3rd Person Omniscient of the story The Gift "The three of them rode to the rocket port the mother and father were worried" This quote is on Pg. 259 this shows that the narrator knows how the characters feel.
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*A symbol is often an ordinary object,event,person,or animal to which we have attached extraordinary meaning and significance

The symbol of the story The Gift is when the kid looks out of the rocket to see billions of burning "candles"."Looking out into space and the deep night at the burning and the burning of ten billion billion white and lovely candles..." On Pg. 261 it shows that he might be looking at the stars from the rocket and see billions of them.


*The "problem" which triggers the action.The struggle between two opposing forces

The conflict of the story is that the parents had to leave their child's present on Earth because it exceeded the weight limit."they were forced to leave behind his gift,which exceeded the weight limit by no more than a few ounces.." This quote is on Pg.259 and it shows the conflict that the parents are having.


*The time,place and mood of the story

The Setting of the story The Gift is in space in December 24, 2052.The narrator says that on the story "The rocket moved and left fire behind and left Earth behind on which the date was December 24,2052..." This quote is in Pg. 260 on the second sentence this explains the time and date when this story takes place.

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