By: Alyssa Fennell

Things Not Seen

“I called you back because no one ever asks me about being blind or how it happened or anything. Most people just try to avoid me, especially other kids. it’s like they pretend not to notice. So when you asked me that I was surprised. And it doesn’t take much to get me feeling sorry for myself- it happened in a second.”

  • Alicia feels invisible because she is blind.
  • Her blindness makes her feel like she is of less importance.
  • The kids act like she isn’t even there which makes her feel invisible to her friends, classmates, and other people.

The Circuit

“Roberto and I ran and hid in the vineyards. We did not want to get in trouble for not going to school.”

  • This shows that Panchito and Roberto are invisible to the school system.
  • Panchito and Roberto are illegal immigrants and they must stay hidden and low key in order for them not to get in trouble.
  • Being invisible impacted his life when he was ready to go to school, no one knew he moved here months before and his secret was safe.
  • He was able to get a decent education and learn some english reading before he moved again

Homeless Children Article

“According to the U.S. Department of Education, 1.1 million school children do not have a fixed address.”

  • There is something being done however to help adult homelessness but kids are often ignored and left to fend for themselves.
  • Children cannot receive the full opportunities that adults do due to being “only children”.
  • Many homeless children “can’t get the full range of shelter services, food assistance and counseling to manage the trauma of being homeless — and they can’t get it because they’re kids,” said Ed Walz.
  • If 20% of adults are receiving help then kids have an equal right to that as well.

Who are invisible and what does it mean?

Being invisible means you are treated like you don't exist and often ignored. Blind people, undocumented immigrants, and homeless children are all examples of people that feel invisible or being treated invisible.
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Ways to raise awareness

Blind people-

  • Offer help if they need it
  • Try and get to know the person before you judge them
  • Be respectful
  • Make a flyer or pamphlet on ways to encourage others to not ignore them
  • Be social with them and ask how their day is/went

Undocumented immigrants-

  • Take careful notice of the people around you
  • Ask questions that relate to immigrants or where they are from
  • See if someone is acting suspicious or shady

Homeless Children-

  • Donate money
  • Donate toys, clothes, shoes, or books
  • Buy them a meal or provide them with little snacks
  • Help find them shelters nearby
  • Help them find relatives that they could maybe live with

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