Mix of Free Enterprise, Socialist, and Command

Why Should You Have An Economic System?!?!?!

This is a great combination of government control and people control. For example corporations still get what they demand but the government controls unemployment and the welfare. If you don't want the government to have all control or the people neither and if you want a combination of free and controlled join our team!!!!


Well.....in Mixed Economy two people are in charge of it, the government and the corporations/people. People get paid according to the job they get and how much the boss wants to pay them. People buy and sell things like how a Free Enterprise Economy would work. Actually the only things the government controls in the unemployment, welfare, fire department, and police that's it actually.
The Economic Systems Song (Confident by Demi Lovato Parody)

Join Our Economy!!!!!!

Our economy has a lot of benefits and is a good chance to experience 2 economies at the same time. You know its always good to mix 2 things because it might come out as a good thing. So just to put Mixed Economy in a simple sentence it would be an economy that is free to anything just that the government controls some stuff not a lot tho.