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November 5th, 2021

Important Dates

November 1st - 15th: HES Apparel Online Store Open

November 8th - 23rd: Special ~ Health/Wellness (Please remember your sneakers!)

November 9th and 10th: Jeannie Connolly's Special Art Projects

November 11th: Veteran's Day - No School-Thank you for your service!

November 15th: Picture Retake Day (more information will be sent home next week)

November 24th - 26th: No School - Thanksgiving Recess

November 30th: Trimester 1 ends, report cards sent home Dec. 3rd

Message from Principal Nicole Pease

Happy Friday HES families! Last week was one of the best! Having the Wilson's bring their owls to visit was a treat. Your children were very respectful during the presentations and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. One of my favorite events is the Halloween Parade. It was so special to be able to participate in the HES parade on Friday. It was amazing to see the number of parents and townspeople in attendance waving to all the costumed students!

It was lovely to see so many parents coming and going on Tuesday for conferences.

Next week, Jeannie Connolly will be coming to HES to work with all classrooms on projects that integrate art into each grade level's curriculum. We are looking forward to seeing the final products!

I hope you have a fun filled weekend, don't forget to turn the clocks back Saturday Night! Nicole

HES Online Apparel Store

We are very excited to offer an opportunity for you to purchase t-shirts, sweatshirts, and fleeces with the HES logo! You can access the Blueberry Hill Design Works online apparel store by going to https://hes-fall-21.itemorder.com/sale. The store is open November 1st until midnight on Monday, November 15th.

All orders will be delivered to HES and can be picked up here (we will not be mailing orders). We will send an email to let you know once your order is ready for pick up.

Water Bottles & Reusable Utensils

In an effort to reduce our single plastic use, please remember to send in reusable utensils with your child for snacks and home lunches.

Please also remember to send your child in with a reusable water bottle every day, even as we get into the colder months. (We are not currently using the water fountains due to COVID precautions.)

Do you have any extra water bottles or reusable utensils at home that you are not using and would be willing to donate to HES? If so, please send them in with your child and we will keep them in the classrooms to use as extras for those who forget theirs. Thank you!

First Friends Preschool with Ms. Jenn

The First Friends Preschool children had a busy month. We are learning to identify the letters in our name and how to sequence them correctly. We learned the basic shapes-square, circle, triangle, rectangle, oval, and diamond (rhombus) and played a shape sorting activity. At the end of the month, we decorated masks, which the kids proudly showed to Mrs. Turgeon and Miss Lindsay.

Kindergarten with Mrs. Goodington

Did you know we have been in school for 44 days?! This week we wrapped up our first science unit with our class-made weather word coloring book. In math, we have started learning 3D shapes; cube, cone, sphere, and cylinder. In literacy, we continue to separate the first sound in a word and clap the syllables. Ask your little one about the character Chester and our work with the zones of regulation. The green zone is calm and ready to learn, blue is sad or sick, yellow is silly or scared, and red is mad or out of control. Have a wonderful weekend!
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1st Grade with Miss Harrington

First grade is working hard to create a class book. They created detailed illustrations and are working on writing about their illustration using a lot of detail! They are excited to have their work published in a real book! In math, we have been working on identifying and solving doubles (ex. 5+5) and doubles plus one (ex. 5+6). Ask your first grader to sing the doubles song for you! First grade was inspired by the visit from Eyes on Owls to learn more about owls. In science, we will begin an investigation on owls and another seasonal bird...turkeys!
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2nd Grade with Mrs. Shultz

Second grade has been working on representing numbers with bundles of straws and then using those straws to count on by 1's, 10's, and 100's. We have been working on main idea and details and we have been writing opinion pieces using TREE to make sure we have all the parts that are needed for quality writing. We are working on making "tool boxes" for strategies to keep yourself calm and focused in the classroom.
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3rd Grade with Mrs. LaCroix

Hello families! 3rd graders have been hard at work learning all about singular and plural nouns. We are reading the story "I Wanna Iguana" where a little boy hopes to get a new pet and is trying to persuade his mother to let him get it. The students are loving the fun illustrations and learning how to connect the pictures to the text and to their real lives! We are also learning how to tell time and are starting to talk about elapsed time. Any conversations around time at home (ex. dinner will be ready in 10 minutes, what time will it be ready?) are a great way to support this learning. We are diving deep into becoming bird researchers using the search engine Kiddle (Google designed for kids) and students are learning how to collect notes from different types of research resources. We are very excited to be doing Reading Buddies outdoors on Fridays with the 1st graders as well! As it is the first Friday of the month, students will be moving their desks to a new spot for the month!

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4th Grade with Mrs. Nevins

4th Grade students have been busy learning about irregular and regular nouns, finding key details in a text to draw conclusions, and used their writing skills to write about Yosemite National Park after viewing a video. In math, they demonstrated their ability to use the metric system to solve multi-step word problems and add/subtract different units. We are moving into a new module next week where students will investigate the formulas for area and perimeter.
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Music with Mrs. Petrick

I am so excited to be back and making music with your kids. We have had such a wonderful time in music these last two weeks! The older students have been learning about rhythm, folk songs from different parts of the world, drumming rhythms, and playing beat games. The younger students explored their singing voices, used both quiet and loud voices while singing, and played xylophones. I look forward to another wonderful week of music when I return!
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Eyes on Owls

More Halloween Fun!

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Information about Free Lunch and Milk

Hello all, if your child orders hot lunch, it is free due to Federal Funding. However, if you child only orders a milk, there is a $.50 charge.