The Perfect iPad MIDI Controller

Isn't just for iPad anymore

Is that MIDI Designer in your pocket?

MIDI Designer for iPad has been called "brilliant," "cleverly made" and "incredibly well-thought out" (more praise). It's being used in studios, theaters and arenas around the World. Now it's available for all iOS devices (including the iPhone 5, iPod touch and iPad mini) with the same low-latency, rock-solid performance and designability users have come to expect.

New Features for 1.4

MIDI Designer 1.4.0 Demo 1 of 2

Same Same, But Different

MIDI Designer has always been clever. It's fun and easy to use for both design and performance. Keeping it clever while moving it to smaller devices was not a simple translation, but clever never is.

MIDI Designer is not only equally clever on all devices, but it has the same functionality whether you've got an iPad (iPad, iPad 2, new iPad or iPad mini), an iPhone or an iPod touch. Advanced features like supercontrols and snap-to-default are available on the device you're using. And the same Q&A site and vibrant user community can still help you out if you have questions.

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MIDI Designer Lite

MIDI Designer Pro

See the rest of the new features for MIDI Designer 1.4.0 here.

MIDI Designer by Confusionists LLC

We love music and rig design. Aside from making MIDI Designer Lite and Pro for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, we also make other music-making software including MJDJ, an open-source platform for MIDI transformation.