Beating the Odds

Lakeview Staff Newsletter - Sept 7

Climb Ev'ry Mountain ~OR~ Take the A-Train?

What a great first week! Thank you, everyone, for your hard work.

At this time of year, I think of two metaphors, each with a song title. Maybe one of these works for you, or perhaps you have a different suggestion.

#1 - "Climb Ev'ry Mountain" - After the first week, we have crested the foothills and it feels really good. But the real mountains come into full view and we see the climb ahead.

#2 - "Take the A-Train" - Watch the beginning of this video. Believe it or not, the train makes it through safely. The beginning of the year always feels a little rickety and unstable, but we take it slow and deliver our passengers safely.

Enjoy the weekend!

Looking Ahead

Wednesday, September 12

Picture Day - younger grades go first. Pictures on stage.

7:15-8:15 Staff Meeting - Topics will include Educator Effectiveness and Role of AGR Coach

Please be sure you can log into your MyLearningPlan account before the meeting.

Thursday, September 13

Classroom or Grade-Level Newsletter links due to Chris

Sunshine event at the Rock (see Sunshine Info below)

Friday, September 21

Admiral's Kickoff Assembly at 2:30 p.m.

Sunshine Club Info

Thank you to our Sunshine Leaders, Jenny and Rachel, for putting together the list of events for this year. If you have specific questions about Sunshine, please see either of them. Here is a document which lists the planned events for this year. The first event is September 13!

PBIS Follow-Up

Thank you to Heather, Roxanne, Cortney, Rachel, and all of the teachers for facilitating the PBIS rotations on Wednesday. Students were very receptive. Remember that PBIS is more about adult language and common adult expectations. Please remember how important consistency was in Sara Daniel's Trauma Sensitive presentation. Here is a document with a few questions from students that will help clarify some common student issues.

Duty Info

• If you've printed the duty schedule already, you probably should reprint it. There have been tweaks all week long. Your actual duty has not changed unless I talked or emailed with you.

• Speaking of duties, since we have many different people on lunch/recess duties, it will be especially important that all of us know the procedures. Please see this document and follow the procedures in it. We will hang this document and the duty schedule by gym doors as well. Thanks to the supervisors who created this document to help us all!

• Some of you have asked about what to do when switching duties. If you have a sub, the sub should do your duty. If you do not have a sub, ask to switch days with someone. You do not need to tell me about the trade - just please be sure the payroll sheet in the office is accurate.

MAP Testing

The window for MAP testing closes on Friday, September 21. Please let me know when, in the next two weeks, you are going to give your MAP tests. Sooner is better so we can get makeup testing finished in time.

If you share devices, please plan accordingly.

5th grade- I know you are still waiting for Chromebooks to be delivered - my suggestion is to borrow devices from 4th grade for testing since we don't know that 5th grade Chromebooks will be ready to go in time.

2nd grade - please be sure you understand the email I sent on Friday about choosing the K-2 test or the 2-5 test for each of your students.

Bits & Pieces

• Please send your pictures to Christina & Mandy or invite them to your room to take a picture. This is important to telling our story as a school and district.

Spirit Days for Homecoming week: We will follow a modified version of what the high school will be doing. Here is the schedule, which will also be communicated to families.

Monday, Sept 24 - PD Day

Tuesday, Sept 25 - Sports Day. Wear your favorite team colors/jersey.

Wednesday, Sept 26 - Tropical Day. Because Wisconsin looks like Fiji.

Thursday, Sept 27 - Lakeview Day. Wear Lakeview shirts and colors.

Friday, Sept 28 - Rocket Day. Wear SDSM apparel and colors.

Character Dare #2

Character Dare #2 is below. These come from a website called CharacterStrong. Remember, it is just an adult thing - don't tell the kids about these. It might be fun to share some of these cards with colleagues to see just how many things our students could teach us.
Big picture