Division 6 Presentation Night 2012.

The Milne Brothers!!!

The Moment Of Truth...

And the Milne brothers are up again. This is going to be a close finish. Lachlan Milne, 2 votes, Nick Milne, 3 votes. The votes tally was like this until the end of each round. The winning result is... Lachlan Milne get the winning votes and beats his brother by a close 5 votes.

This day was very rememberable for me because me and my brother both got a trophy and it was just a good day. It was also rememberable for me because my Mum Kirsty, sister Tori and my friend Lachlan McClounan all were there.

The following day a radio channel mentioned our names and what we both achieved because it is not very often that 2 brothers win something like this.