By: Savannah Ragan & Tahera Shinwar

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Form of Government

Parliamentary Republic

Approximate Population

  • 11.03 Million
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Largest Exports

  • mineral fuel at 37%
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Largest Import

  • Oil at 23%
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  • Euro

The exchange rate of greece's currency in the U.S is 1.14 US dollars and in Canada it is 1.46 CAD.

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Greece's economy is very different from others. It is the 45th largest in the world. They are the beneficiary of EU aid. It's GDP real growth rate last was .3% which is very low. But their inflation rate is very low.

Pros & Cons


  • Low inflation rate
  • Contains the top export destinations


  • Most complex economy
  • Negative trade balance

Trade Benefit

They've increased their exports at an annualized rate. Greece has the top export destination.