Trailblazer Times

February 25-March 6, 2015


NEW: Teacher Appreciation has been rescheduled for the week of April 6th

Feb 25: Retirement Party for Tracey Wallace 3:30-4:30pm @ Ad Building

Feb 26: 5th Grade Planning Day

Feb 26: High Touch High Tech for 1st Grade

NEW: Feb 26th Rescheduled CISD Board Meeting (DLI moving from 5th to 6th is on the agenda) @ 7:30pm

Feb 27: Jump Rope for Heart!! (more details coming)


March 2-6: Book Fair in Library

March 2: High Touch High Tech for 4th Grade

March 2: Faculty Meeting/SAMR Showcase 3:15-5:00pm (location TBD)

March 3: North Open House 6:00-7:30pm (if you leave DCE and return, you might have trouble finding a parking spot!)

March 4: Muffins with Mom in DCE Cafeteria 7:00-8:00am

NEW: March 4th DLI Parent Meeting for 5th Grade going to 6th Grade Parents @ Admin Building 6:00-7:00pm

March 5: OPEN HOUSE @ DCE 5:30-7:00pm with Art Fair and Book Fair open until 7:15pm

March 6: Cheers for Fitness w/Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders (schedule for this day coming later this week)

NEW: March 6th Kinder Fairy Tale Parade @ 2:00pm (line up in the circle hallway around 1:55pm)

March 9-13 SPRING BREAK!!!

March 16: STAAR Training/Vertical Team Meeting @ 3:15pm in DCE Library

March 17: Dr. Waldrip and Kelly Penny to talk with DCE Staff @ 3:30pm in DCE library

March 18: 1st Grade Planning Day

March 18: High Touch High Tech for 5th Grade

March 18: 2nd Grade Field Trip to Federal Reserve

March 19: 4th Grade Planning Day

March 19: 5th Graders walking over to North for Visit @ 9:00am

March 19: PTO Meeting 9:30am

March 19: District Youth Art Showcase @ CHS 6:00-7:00pm

March 20: 2nd Grade Planning Day

March 20: Evacuation and Shelter Drill @ 9:00am

March 23: PLC Book Study (meet with your group as you determine)

March 24: Kinder Planning Day

March 24: PTO Global Safari Program (schedule coming soon)

March 24: DLI Educator Meeting @ Wilson 3:30-4:30pm

March 25: PTO Sponsored DCE @ Whataburger Night 4:00-9:00pm

March 26: 3rd Grade Music Program for School 8:30am in Cafeteria

March 26: SBDM Meeting @ 3:15-4:14pm in Library

March 26: 3rd Grade Music Program for Parents 6:30pm in DCE Cafeteria

March 27: Last Day of 3rd 9 Weeks Spirit Rally @ 8:15am in Gym

March 27: 4th Grade "Writing Boot Camp" all day upstairs

March 27: RtI for DL sections in WDCE Room or Tricia's office (she'll let you know)

March 30: STAAR Writing Test Day 1 for 4th Grade

March 31: STAAR Writing Test Day 2 for 4th Grade


1. Don't forget to wear RED on Friday in support of a Heart Healthy life!!

2. There is LOTS going on during March, please double check your calendars that you have everything included. Team Leaders, if you don't see your event, that's because it is not on the calendar and you need to meet with me!

3. I know so many of you will want to pop by Tracey's Retirement Party on Wednesday to hug and give her best wishes! Her party is SHORT...only 3:30-4:30pm at the Ad Building!

4. There is only 6 who haven't finished their Clarity Survey! Way to go DCE!!! If you are one of the still have time!

5. Please take advantage of the Love and Logic module links I sent out last week! You won't be sorry and will add to your strategies when helping learners learn and grow from their mistakes. If you are in need of Flex hours, I will approve your time for Love and Logic once you've completed the modules and have required through Euphoria. I believe you will be able to print a certificate at the end.

6. Order your DCE Yearbook, if you want one, as soon as you can! Deadline is next week? Order through PTO's store site. Let me know if you have questions.

7. Don't forget this is Custodian Appreciation Week! If your students would like to make cards/banners, please feel free to show your love and appreciation for out outstanding custodians!

8. Items in Lost and Found will be donated over Spring Break...pass the word!

9. Dr. Waldrip and Kelly Penny are coming to share about the current legislative changes and how it will impact the budget in CISD. Please make your plans accordingly to attend. If you can not make the March 17th meeting, please come talk to me.

10. If you come up to work during Spring Break and your room and/or hallway is being cleaned, please leave and return another day. Please don't come up over Spring Break!

11. If you are still reading this VERY long newsletter, please know you can wear your warm comfy clothes the rest of this week. :)


No B-Days this last week in February

March 2nd: Lindsey Shaw

March 9th: Allison Greene

March 10th: Barbra VanRiper

March 14th: Jill Kopinski

March 20th: Annette Sanders

March 21st: Kathy Struck

March 24th: Martha Brown

March 30: Trish Walberg


CELEBRATE....Brad for all the work he did in preparing for the iPad Rollout for 4th and 5th Grade! AND....all the outstanding training he has been providing for all of us!

CELEBRATE...ALL the 4th and 5th Grade teachers for all the work they did to ensure rollout was so smooth! Not to mention ALL the phone calls they made to parents who had not completed the sign up piece for their child!

CELEBRATE...Margareta for all the calls she made to parents of 4th and 5th graders who had need signed up for their child!!

CELEBRATE...Kim for helping Brad to make sure all went smoothly with rollout!!

CELEBRATE...Chris Jones for making sure all our devices were ready for the big day!!

CELEBRATE...A GREAT day of Staff Development!! It was "just right"!

CELEBRATE...all the DLI educators who have extra meetings! You all make me smile from ear to ear!

CELEBRATE...all the OUTSTANDING learner work that is being displayed!! AND...everyone who is providing a little descriptor to go along with their work!

AND FINALLY.....CELEBRATE....ALL OF THE DCE STAFF!!! I wish you all could have been with Tricia and I as we walked the building with the parents for our 1st DCE Parent Learning Walk!! They were COMPLETELY amazed at what the learners and the ways in which you are designing learners! MANY were saying "I had no idea! This is amazing! I'm so thankful for this opportunity to see the whole school! I'm going to tell everyone they MUST come the next time!" They were also very impressed with how the kids could answer questions about what they were learning! I know it was stressful but I was so excited that they were all able to see what Tricia and I are lucky enough to see each and everyday! DCE is the BEST!!! Keep up the excellent work! Only 8 days to Spring Break!

Martha and Her Furry Friend

AND....this is how Martha and Her Furry Friend Spent the Day!!