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3rd Quarter Resources and Information

Tiger Parents,

Thank you for sending us the best students. This newsletter contains resources that should help your student get through the 3rd Quarter. I encourage you to share it with your student and hope you both find it useful!


REVIEW for QCA 3 Exam Please use this document to study from for the QCA 3 Exam. You should also use your Interactive Notebook, Hammer Grammar Folder, Homework and Warm Up Packets to study from. This assessment is cumulative.

3rd Quarter Independent Reading Instructions

This link will take you to four instruction documents for the 3rd Quarter IR Project! Students will choose one project to complete using the fantasy-fiction novel they chose and had approved for their project. Projects are due: February 25, 2017.

3rd Quarter Independent Reading Project DUE February 25th

Project Choices for the 3rd Quarter:

1. Book of Poems: 5 Poems

2. Digital Storytelling Project: Multi-Media Presentation of the Novel

3. Comprehension QUIZ: Create a QUIZ from the Novel

4. Storyboard: Figurative Language and Plot Map

Figurative Language Examples and Practice

TEK 6.13A&B

TEK 6.4A

Figurative Language in Movies
Figurative Language In Movies
Figurative Disney


What is poetry?

A creative way to express yourself using words. Our objective in 6th Grade is to teach students to write poetry that includes poetic techniques, figurative language and graphic elements.

Introduction to Poetry: The 3 R's



A bio poem is an interesting poem because it follows a simple and uniform format. You can view the Bio-Poem framework that we use on the above attachment labeled "Bio-Poem Template". Our students created a Bio-Poem about one of the main characters from our current novel: 'The Cay'. Our objectives in 6th Grade ELAR include learning how to write a poem using poetic techniques, figurative language, and graphic elements.


Poetic Techniques: alliteration, onomatopoeia

Figurative Language: similes, metaphors

Graphic Elements: capital letters, line length, shape


This poem can be used for all of these objectives! A Bio-Poem is written to describe a person such as a fictional character, famous person or yourself. In this context, 'bio' is short for biography. Having students write a bio poem about a character from our novel study book helped them summarize information about the character; making them more likely to remember what they learned about the person.

Novel Study: The Cay

"The Cay" was written by Theodore Taylor in 1968. "The Cay" was made into a movie in 1974. Your student may want to watch the movie in addition to reading the novel!
The Cay 1974 Full Complete TV Movie HQ

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