eCommerce Coffee Friday

Come ask us anything on webShaper, and coffee on the house

What is this about !?

When you need hands-on technical support or certain marketing know-how for your webShaper stores, you can get friendly, expert help from our eCommerce consultants at our eCommerce Coffee Friday!

We dedicated these 2 1/2 hours (Friday, 3 to 5.30pm) just to help you out for free! Some stuffs can even be completed right on the spot!

Not yet a customer? Wish to find out more before you sign up webShaper? You are welcomed to drop by too, ask us any questions on webShaper stores. :)

And of course, nothing beats the excitement of meeting the merchant face-to-face!

See ya! (Don't forget your laptop when you drop by, wifi provided)


See you at webShaper's secret hideout (Cheras, KL)

Friday, Nov 30th 2012 at 3-5pm

44-5 Jalan 5/101c Cheras Commercial Center Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

webShaper's client Success Story

e-Commerce Success Story -
from blogshop to own branded eStore -
Tat7 iPhone 4 Scuba Dive Case - 30 days to $100,000 sales