Happy 2016!

New Year's Resoultions


I have a couple resolutions that I want to accomplish and here is a list

1. Eat healthier

2. Improve Grades

3. I would like to learn how to ride a bike

4. I would like to go visit The World Trade Center in New York

5. Make more money by working in my house

6. Lay off the sugar

7. Exercise more

8. Finish reading a book

9. Make my supplies last longer in 7th Grade

10. Sleep earlier

11. Try new food

12. Drink a whole cup of coffee

13. Visit the West Coast

14. Improve my catching

15. Have a complete snowball fight

16. Go to Mexico this March

17. Stop my fear of airplanes

18. Ride a Train

19. Finish making my own comic series

20. Visit New Places

A Bad Habit I Want to Stop doing

1. Is to stop killing insects

2 Books I would like to read are

1. Disasters

2. How to survive anything

6 ways I could help my school and community are

1. Throwing trash in a trash can

2. Keep the school clean

3. Take care of the Chromebooks

4. Don't Draw In the Books

5. Donate Money to Oak Lawn

6. Help others if a natural disaster strikes