President of United States

White House needs you!


1. Must be a natural born U.S citizen but you can be born abroad if both your parents were in the U.S

2. Must be at least 35 years old

3. Have lived in the U.S for at least 14 years (does not need to be consecutive)

Benefits and Salary

  • Receive staff to wait on your every need.
  • White house has a movie theater, bowing alley, pool, tennis court and more costing $4M a year.
  • Camp David is the presidential vacation home with 11 cabins, shooting range, pool and more.
  • Presidents get security for life even after they leave the presidency
  • Pension of $199k
  • Salary: $400,000 a year with a $50,000 annual expense account.

Constitutional Powers

  • Commander in Chief (Executive)
  • Commission all military officers of the United States (Executive)
  • Make treaties with advice and consent of the senate (diplomatic)
  • Receive ambassadors (Diplomatic)
  • Appoint ambassadors, federal judges, supreme court justices (Executive)
  • Grant Pardons and reprieves (Executive)
  • Deliver the annual State of the Union address (Executive)
  • Call either or both houses of Congress into special session (Judicial Legislative)
  • Ensure that all laws passed by the congress are carried out (Judicial Legislative)
  • Appoints head of executive departments (Executive)

The most important power of the president is to ensure that all laws passed by the congress are carried out because this ensures that the president isn't above the law and to make sure no one is treated differently in the eyes of the law. If laws weren't followed then there would be chaos.

Leadership Qualities

  • Understanding the public; hearing peoples views based on their different cultures and religions.
  • Ability to communicate: give speeches that are clear and easily understood for all. Speech needs to sound professional.
  • Openness of new ideas: needs to be able to change their view to help the american citizen and open to suggestions from cabinet and other officials.
  • Ability to compromise: compromise with other major political party, and other countries
  • Political courage: courage to make the hard decisions and to stand as a leader in times of chaos.

What I would do...

If I was president I would solve the issue of poverty. I would use my state of Union address to show the country how big of a problem poverty its is and give ways to help. Then I would use my diplomatic powers to ask countries around the world to help in the fight against poverty. Then I would ask congress is to create and pass laws that make programs for the poor, like houses to live in and more soup kitchens. More options to help the the people to get out of poverty.