Children's Literature Project

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In the deep sea swims Big Al. Big Al has such a big heart and is very lovable but he is just as scary looking from the outside. While other fish swim together in schools, Big Al swims alone. Of course he would rather swim with the others, but his size, his great big fish eyes, and his mouthful of sharp teeth frighten away any fish that sees him. Big Al seems destined to swim alone, until a fisherman's net drops silently around all the fish, and Big Al has the chance to put his teeth to good use. He bites a hole in the net and allows the fish to escape, but in his efforts, he himself is caught. Big Al fights his way free before joining the other grateful fish, who welcome him as their new friend and hero.
Big Al
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Jeremy Ross moved into the house down the street and became Enemy Number One. Luckily, Dad has a way to get rid of enemies. He makes the enemies, Enemy Pie. But one of the secret ingredients is spending an entire day with the enemy! The boy spends the day with Jeremy and finds out that he loves playing with "the enemy". He gets so worried when he starts to eat the enemy pie but it turns out Dad made a yummy pie instead! In this funny yet endearing story, one little boy learns an effective recipe for turning a best enemy into a best friend. With charming illustrations that bring to life the difficulties and ultimate rewards of making new friends, Enemy Pie serves up a sweet lesson in friendship.

Enemy Pie read by Camryn Manheim


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Stanley Birdbaum couldn't be more excited. He has rolled and wrapped and dyed his hair. He has dipped it and sprayed it and made it, well, perfect. He is ready to celebrate Crazy Hair Day at school. But when Stanley walks into the classroom, he learns, to his horror, that Crazy Hair Day is next week. To make matters worse, today is School Picture Day, and everyone is expected to line up for the class photo! What's Stanley to do? The class all make their hair crazy as well and take a class picture! Stanley says it is a day he will never forget!
Crazy Hair Day


I feel like this book may come in handy if a student is embarrassed about something. This book shows how the class comes together and is a good friend to Stanley rather than making fun of Stanley like they could have easily done.
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Autumn has come to the woods, and Bear doesn't feel well. He sniffles and sneezes. He cannot sleep. He aches all over. Worst of all, he's feeling too poorly to play with his friends.

How Bear's good friends take care of him with herbal tea and lullabies until he begins to feel better is the heart of this loving story that will be familiar to any little one who has ever had the sniffles.

Bear Feels Sick


Fun activités to do in the classroom! Maybe during time the students have finished all of their work!

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One day, a boy and a robot meet in the woods. They play and have fun and become friends, But when Bot gets switched off by a rock, the Boy thinks he's sick.The Boy thinks that the Bot needs to be taken care of like he would be taken care of but these remedies do not work so the Boy tucks the sick Bot in, then falls asleep. Bot is worried when he powers on in the middle of the night by accident and finds his friend (The Boy) powered off. He takes Boy home with him and tries all his remedies: oil, reading an instruction manual. Nothing revives the malfunctioning Boy! Can the Inventor help fix him? Using the perfect blend of sweetness and humor, this story of an adorable duo will win the hearts of the very youngest readers.
Boy + Bot by Ame Dyckman, illustrated by Dan Yaccarino


This is an entertaining book that I would read aloud to the youngest readers. Most likely Kindergarten, maybe first grade. After the read aloud we would have an open discussion on how the Bot and the Boy were good friends to each other. I would also open the discussion up to how the Bot and the Boy look different but are still the best of friends.