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Educational Purposes

Do you enjoy working with kids? Have a passion for the outdoors? Perhaps you have no idea where to start, or what to do. On this Flyer, discover some basic crafts, and educational resources to encourage your child to interact with the outdoors. Feel free to use this resource to develop ideas and projects of your very own, and to keep your little ones happy, whether in the classroom or in your own home.

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Awesome Activities to Try

Bring your children into the outdoors to increase their learning and understanding of their natural environment. Here are a variety of activities and events that you can try with your kids, and a few tips to ensure safety during your great adventures.
Have you had trouble sneaking in the veggies? Have a look at these creative snack ideas. This is an excellent way to get your child to actually participate in your excellent, well-thought-out meal plan. Try creating a unique picture that makes healthy food look more interesting!

Are you a Natural Crafter?

These fun and easy activities are fun and exciting way to engage children to interact with nature, while creating something artistic to decorate your classrooms or homes with.

Educational Video - The Berenstain Bears: The Baby Chipmunk (1)

In this episode of The Berenstain Bears, Sister stumbles across a baby chipmunk in her backyard, while playing baseball with her brother. She takes in the baby chipmunk, and her family collaborates to help the baby chipmunk until his mama finds him. But Sister soon finds out that what is found in nature, belongs in nature.
The Berenstain Bears The Baby Chipmunk

Educational Video - The Berenstain Bears: Bears for All Seasons (2)

In this episode of The Berenstain Bears, Brother and Sister learn to enjoy the changing seasons of Nature, and learn to spend quality time with their family by enjoying the beauty and excitement of each changing and unique season.
The Berenstain Bears - Bears For All Seasons [Full Episode]
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