Brisbane carpet cleaning


The floors and upholstery of your home are some of the most used surfaces in any Brisbane home and often are the areas that get provided the least treatment. Whether your flooring is relatively new or has seen better days, quality Brisbane carpet cleaning is essential to see you get the best out of your carpets and rugs cleaning.

Most of us love carpets, but carpets catch and collect all types of dirt and dust. They can act as hosts to allergens, fungal spores, bacteria and dust-mite droppings. Yes dust-mite poo! To deal with all this embedded dirt and carpet stains, a deep professional clean is a must. This is where one of our prequalified Carpet Cleaning Brisbane professionals can help out.

Rug Cleaning Brisbane, we’re still Brisbane's only specialist, professional rug cleaning facility and, for your convenience, provide a free pick-up and delivery service to the Brisbane metro area. RugWash is a specialist rug cleaner of all types of floor rugs - Persian and Oriental rugs and other handmade and machine woven floor rugs.

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