Smallpox and the Colombian Exchange

The Effect Smallpox Had On the New World

Information about Smallpox

Smallpox is a highly contagious and sometimes life-threatening disease that was seen as a series of marked blisters around the body. The Colombian Exchange brought a series of things to America such as: tobacco, sweet potatoes, turkey, and many other crops. But disease was the most harmful thing the Europeans brought to the New World. The most deadliest disease they brought to America was smallpox. Smallpox was first brought to America by the Europeans (Old World)

Smallpox Killing a Population

More Information

Europeans were immune to smallpox, because most Europeans had smallpox when they were younger. Although Europeans were immune to smallpox, the indigenous people of the New World were not. William Bradford wrote about the effects of smallpox and even declared that victims of smallpox lost strength and died quickly that they could not bury their own or even get water. Due to the Colombian Exchange bringing smallpox to the New World it caused the population of the New World to deplete greatly.

By: Alyshia Sykes