Room 11 Newsletter

Mrs. Bays and Mrs. Nelson

February 23 - March 14, 2016

Integrated Learning

We will begin our Dinosaur unit by learning about Volcanoes and Paleontology. We will make our own volcano, understand parts of a volcano, and different kids of lava. A few of the centers include:

  • Paper mache eggs
  • Digging for dinosaur bones
  • Observing various types of fossils
  • Fossil Rubbings
  • FOSSIL flip book

Social Studies

We will be learning all about community helpers and the important role that each one plays in our community.


We will be learning the letters "Mm" and "Pp." We will read Monkey's Miserable Monday and The Pig's Picnic and practice letter recognition and formation. A few of the centers include:

  • Marble Maze
  • Play with Musical Instruments
  • Magnets
  • Graph M&Ms
  • Words I Can Write
  • PINK flip book
  • Make Popcorn
  • Patterning


We will be finishing up our weavings and moving into how fabric is colored. The kids will dye, get dirty, and wash their very own fabric. We had a special visit from two sheep, one that had been sheared and one that had not. The children enjoyed feeling their wool and feeding them!

Environmental Science

Depending on the construction progress, our PreK students will stuff nesting materials into the fences by the creek for the wild birds use in nest building. We often see some of our colorful yarns used by our local birds to make their nest!

In February and March earthworm exploration is a relaxed time where the children learn about and handle these gentle and important creatures. The students place the earthworms in experiments where they observe earthworm behavior under varying conditions, i.e. light/dark, wet/dry materials etc. All children participate with their earthworm in the Earthworm Olympics, which includes a racing ring, climbing and obstacle courses.

Reminders & Events

Friday, March 4

  • Games Visit 10:00 & 2:00

Monday, March 21-Friday, March 25

  • Spring Break

Ask your child about...

  • What is a Paleontologist?
  • Tell me how you hold an earthworm
  • What is their favorite community helper?

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