Dr. Barry Littlejohn MD

A Top Physician

Caring for Women in the Community

Dr. Barry Littlejohn M.D. is a medical physician specializing in obstetrics. He provides a variety of care to the women surrounding the community of Glendale, Arizona. Women with uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, and severe menopause symptoms can be seen by the professional physician Dr. Barry Littlejohn M.D. Although his specialty is in pregnancy care, he is able to help women who are having a variety of issues.

Recommending IUDs for Women

Dr. Barry Littlejohn M.D. believes that Intrauterine devices, IUDs, are the best form of contraception for women that are available. Dr. Barry Littlejohn M.D. has this to say on IUDs: “While only six percent of women in America have an IUD, more than forty percent off female OB/GYN [physicians] have them.” This percentage of professionals using them would place an IUD as one of the most recommend forms of birth control in all of American medicine.

Dr. Barry Littlejohn M.D. says that it is easy for a woman to get an IUD. The price range is vast, depending on the type that is purchased, which can be either plastic or copper. The cost of an IUD is between $0 and $1000. However, the lifespan of an IUD is between three and twelve years. If a woman opts to purchase a low-cost plastic IUD, the device can last from three to five years long. If the woman decides that she would like to invest more in the device, and purchase one made of copper, she would be choosing a device with a lifespan of over twelve years. The total cost, which is over a thousand dollars, would make the monthly cost a mere seven dollars. Though it is a long upfront cost, it pays off over time in its lifespan.

Dr. Barry Littlejohn M.D. highly recommends this form of birth control for women. An IUD is currently the most effective form of birth control and is at a considerably cheap price, albeit a seemingly large upfront cost, once considering the lifespan of the device.

Dr. Barry Littlejohn M.D.’s Work History

Dr. Barry Littlejohn M.D. graduated from Illinois Wesleyan University in 1974. His next step naturally was to achieve a Master’s degree. Thus, he entered the Master of Business Administration program at Northern Illinois University. After graduating in 1976, Dr. Barry Littlejohn M.D. began working at the Jefferson Trust and Savings Bank. The bank, located in Peoria, Illinois, was happy to have Dr. Barry Littlejohn M.D. serving as their Vice President of Investments until he left. Littlejohn had a dream of one day becoming a doctor, and thus left the bank to pursue a medical career.

Dr. Barry Littlejohn M.D.’s first position in the medical field was in the same city where multiple years before, he had worked at the bank. For Dr. Barry Littlejohn M.D., he was completing a residency at the University of Illinois at the Peoria’s Family Clinic. Upon completion of the program, Dr. Barry Littlejohn M.D. found a medical facility that wanted to add him to the staff. Thus, the young physician moved north of where he was, nearly one hundred miles away, and began working at the Sterling and Rock Falls Clinic, where he provided a variety of different types of care.

After three years in Sterling, Illinois, Dr. Barry Littlejohn M.D. decided it was time to branch out and begin his solo practice. Having various privileges at nearby facilities, Dr. Barry Littlejohn M.D. was able to provide a wide range of services to all who came to him for their medical care. Dr. Barry Littlejohn M.D. a young physician currently works in his solo practice that he started in Glendale, Arizona.